News on Impact, Shannon Moore, Team 3D, more

– Dixie Carter posted on Twitter: Good news for TNA Fans in the Middle East, TNA iMPACT! returns to the region starting May 23 on Al Jazeera Sport.

– During a match taped on Tuesday for 5/13, Shannon Moore had an earring ripped from his ear and was bleeding profusely.

– Regarding fan voting, it’s now been fixed so you can only vote once. Desmond Wolfe is still leading the current poll with the majority vote.

– Los Ben Dejos (translates to bad words) with El Grando Wizard (Pat Kenney wearing a Wizard hat and shades) as their manager got a dark match tryout this week. Dejos are local workers and graduates of the Team 3D Academy.

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)