The WWE website has an update on former Four Horseman manager JJ Dillon. Dillon, 67, noted he now resides in Delaware where he works for the department of corrections as a corrections officer. Although the money was great at the time, he says he was miserable working for WCW in 1997. He buries Eric Bischoff: “I was the one person who could expose him for somebody who knew absolutely nothing about the wrestling business. Instead of tapping into me as a resource, he went around me.” He said he predicted the demise of the company a long time before anyone else. “I knew what was going to happen, but nobody wanted to listen. They looked at me like I was crazy.” Sounds familiar. He also talks about recently surviving a prostate cancer scare. “They caught it very early so all my options were open. I’ve had two blood tests and I’m cancer free,” he said.

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)