Predictions from the Faculty
TNA Sacrifice Edition
May 16, 2010
Predictions by: WrestleView staff and select readers of the column.
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo of


Greetings students! Welcome once again to “Predictions from the Faculty”. The only PPV where the professors of professional wrestling sit down and spend a few minutes filling out their predicted winners for the dozens of pay-per-views which occur in either the WWE or TNA.

This week, The Faculty will go over the card for TNA Sacrifice and provide their opinions with the rest of the WrestleView readers. Yes, the columnists and recappers sacrifice a TON of their time to analyze each match and pick the winners to some success. We got a few “professors” that earned a perfect PPV record. The one thing I think we all can take pride in is that none of us ever went the “0-fer”.

Ok, enough sacrifice for me. I am actually out of town and I am done sacrificing your time and mine (I am doing that in a humorous tone). I sacrificed valuable sleep time and now it is time to present the Faculty’s predictions for the upcoming TNA Pay-Per-View.

Before I present our selections, here are the current standings as of WWE’s Extreme Rules

1) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)……………28-16 (5-2)
2) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and RAW Recapper)……….27-17 (6-1)
3) Matt O’Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)……………………27-17 (6-1)
4) Daniel Browne (For Queen and Country)……………………….26-18 (4-3)
5) Students of the Week (The Best from Prev. PPV)…………….26-18 (5-2)*
6) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)…………………………….26-18 (5-2)
7) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)……………………25-19 (5-2)
8) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa/2009 WV Champ)………24-20 (5-2)
9) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)……….22-22 (6-1)
10) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)………………………………..21-23 (2-5)
11) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and NXT Recapper)……………..20-17 (6-1)
12) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)………………………….20-24 (3-4)
13) Jeff Springer (WWE Superstars Recapper)……………………18-14 (4-3)

Absent this week are: David Stephens, Joe Baiamonte, and Doug Lackey

** – That means that these people did not present picks as of press time. If they do before the PPV their picks do count in the standings. If there are more than one Student of the Week present and represented, the records average out, just like those under the WrestleView Students.

And now, here are our predictions for TNA Sacrifice. Please enjoy this and if you want to be a part of the game, please e-mail me at or leave a message on my Facebook page. The winner will get a Gold Star in an upcoming “From the Desk of Mr. V” column and be a part of the predictions for WWE’s Over The Limit for the “Students of the Week” Standing.

This week’s Students of the Week: Crystal Mai, Michael Phillips, and David Sumroy.


Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

Josh B. – HARDY.

David Stephens –


Daniel B. – MR. ANDERSON.

Crystal M. – I’m ashamed to say I haven’t really followed this feud and honestly, I don’t even know who has the upper hand. I noticed that Jeff Hardy dove off some high piece of equipment on Impact so let’s just go with MR. ANDERSON on this one. He tweets about the show Survivor, and since it’s my favorite show, that’s more than enough to make him the winner in my beautiful hazel eyes.

David Sumroy – This will be a tough one between two WWE rejects. I think JEFF HARDY will pick up the win here, especially after that Swanton at Impact!

Michael P. – MR. ANDERSON in order to keep this feud going for longer than a week.

Jose M. – MR ANDERSON he needs the win as RVD is going to need other challengers and well Hardy’s situation could very easily change so TNA has to have him put over someone.

Joe B. –

Anthony V. – Jeff Hardy has been dominant throughout the course of this feud. If Pope interferes, I expect Hardy to win. I don’t think they will swerve us too much this weekend. I say MR. ANDERSON cheats his way to a victory over Hardy.



Doug L. – ANDERSON via…. um… I have this weird idea but I have a feeling TNA would never do something like this. Anderson winning, Hardy ticked that RVD didn’t help him… *see part II*


CONSENSUS: Mr. Anderson is the predicted winner 9-3.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting

Josh B. – STING.

David Stephens –

Matt O. – STING.

Daniel B. – STING.

Crystal M. – Sting still wrestles? Really? You know, this is one of those “who cares” matches because to be honest, I don’t. Sting is old. Jarrett is old and hot. So yeah. JEFF JARRETT!

David Sumroy – JEFF JARRETT.

Michael P. – STING. Jeff can’t win yet against a name.

Jose M. – STING because you can’t build up a guy for Hulk Hogan by having him lose to Jeff Jarrett.

Joe B. –

Anthony V. – Wow, I can see this one going either way. Do I see Jeff winning this one? Do I think Sting will continue his feud with TNA management? I don’t know but I am going to pick STING to win this match.

Sean H. – STING.

Mike T. – STING.

Doug L. – JARRETT via… um… who the hell knows… I’m trying to figure out why they’re so angry at each other… hell if I know…

Jeff S. – STING.

CONSENSUS: Sting is the predicted winner 9-3.

**To Determine the #1 Contenders’ spot for the TNA Tag Team Titles**
Team 3D vs. Beer Money, Inc. vs. Motor City Machineguns


David Stephens –

Matt O. – 3D.

Daniel B. – TEAM 3D.

Crystal M. – Beer Money will probably win but Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are much hotter. They should totally win this match based on looks alone. That said, I’m picking TEAM 3D.

David Sumroy – TEAM 3D.

Michael P. – TEAM 3D due to The Band retaining titles, and 3D’s quest to destroy the band.

Jose M. – This is a hard match but I am going to say MCMG because I know Nash likes both of those guys and probably wants to do everything in his power to put them over.

Joe B. –

Anthony V. – Sadly, I just don’t see Beer Money winning this match. They would benefit the most, but I don’t think TNA will press that button yet. So that leaves us with a spotty (but well-executed) tag team and a Hardcore tag team. In 3-way tag matches, I usually go with the strongest. TEAM 3D wins this and gets a victory by DQ on an upcoming Impact.

Sean H. – TEAM 3D.


Doug L. – TEAM 3D via the 1st step to a truly wondrous angle for Slammiversary (which will probably be their final Slammiversary)… Band-3D for the titles! NAO~!


CONSENSUS: Team 3D is predicted to be the next contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. 8 Votes went to Team 3D, while 2 votes each went to the Machineguns and Beer Money.

**Ring vs. Chelsea Match**
Abyss (w/Hogan’s Ring) vs. Desmond Wolfe (w/Chelsea)

Josh B. – ABYSS.

David Stephens –

Matt O. – ABYSS.

Daniel B. – ABYSS.

Crystal M. – This match is terrible. As good as this feud has almost been, the ring vs. Chelsea is the dumbest stipulation I’ve ever heard of. The bra burning feminist in me freaked out when Mike Tenay said Chelsea could potentially become ABYSS’ property after Sacrifice. No woman is property and Desmond Wolfe should burn in Hades for putting his hot girlfriend on the line. Because of his stupidity, he will lose and that thing will win. But you know who suffers the most in all of this? Chelsea and women everywhere. Smh.

David Sumroy – As much as I want my fellow Brit to win, I think the monster will just edge it. Actually no wait, I’m going to go with my heart and say DESMOND WOLFE.

Michael P. – ABYSS can’t lose the Hogan ring, well at least yet.

Jose M. – ABYSS wins and we get some funny skits with Chelsea as his valet for a month.

Joe B. –

Anthony V. – What a bad angle they had for their go-home show, huh? I call this the “ring vs. ho” match. Well, Abyss…you got your ho! No way will Abyss lose that Captain Planet (best hair for a superhero) ring that Hogan gave him. Can you picture Hogan with a Green skullet? Wouldn’t that be awesome? I seriously should not do picks at 1:30am. Ok, ignore what I just typed here and pencil me in for ABYSS.

Sean H. – ABYSS.


Doug L. – ABYSS via rape. ‘Nuff said…

Jeff S. – ABYSS.

CONSENSUS: Abyss is the predicted winner and will be joined by Chelsea by night’s end. Abyss won the vote 10-2.


**If Tara loses, he career is over**
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Tara


David Stephens –

Matt O. – RAYNE.

Daniel B. – RAYNE.

Crystal M. – Now here is something I can talk about. We all know that Tara is basically done with TNA so I fully expect MADISON RAYNE to go over during this match. I just hope that TNA doesn’t litter this match with pointless interference and shenanigans. Madison needs a clean, decisive victory so secure her status as champion. And Tara needs a classy exit from TNA and not a screw job.

David Sumroy – Hmm…MADISON RAYNE.

Michael P. – MADISON RAYNE via Tara leaving TNA to hopefully go back to WWE.

Jose M. – MADISON wins (Has Madison ever even won a one on one singles match in TNA before?) and retires Tara.

Joe B. –

Anthony V. – This one is easy. MADISON RAYNE wins this match and Tara’s career with TNA will come to an end. I wish Tara well.


Mike T. – TARA.

Doug L. – RAYNE via NO S#!T!!!


CONSENSUS: Madison Rayne is predicted to retain her Knockouts’ Championship and Tara’s career in TNA will be over! Rayne won our vote 11-1.

Rob Terry (c) vs. Orlando Jordan

Josh B. – ROB TERRY.

David Stephens –

Matt O. – JORDAN.

Daniel B. – ROB TERRY.

Crystal M. – =/ Is this really on a PPV card? I’m seeing these matches for the first time and oh Lordy. I reckon ROB TERRY ends up winning this but he is going to endure a lot of abuse and humiliation during this match. Poor thing.

David Sumroy – I hope hope hope Orlando does not come out on top here. I’ve never liked him even since his WWE days. So, I’m going to go for ROB TERRY to retain.

Michael P. – ROB TERRY via liked by the fans too much for him to lose quite yet. And via TOMKO interference.

Jose M. – ORLANDO JORDAN because TNA needs to do more with this global title and 2 minute Rob Terry matches are not it.

Joe B. –

Anthony V. – In a “match that I don’t give two turds about” contest, I don’t know who I will pick here. I think the best thing to do is give it to ORLANDO JORDAN. I just don’t care about Rob Terry and find it appalling that TNA would reward a sloppy, green, terrible wrestler (Terry) with one of their titles.

Sean H. – ROB TERRY.

Mike T. – ROB TERRY.

Doug L. – TERRY via OJ enjoying this match a little too much…

Jeff S. – ROB TERRY.

CONSENSUS: Rob Terry is predicted to retain his TNA Global Championship over Orlando Jordan by a vote of 9-3.

Kazarian (c) vs. Douglas Williams


David Stephens –



Crystal M. – Ick. KAZARIAN due to the fact he just won the title. But TNA does like to whore out their championship who knows?

David Sumroy – KAZARIAN.

Michael P. – DOUGLAS WILLIAMS via BELT SHOT to the face and sets up a long running feud, culminated with some sort of ladder match.

Jose M. – DOUGLAS WILLIAMS because I still think he is best for the division.

Joe B. –

Anthony V. – Please, oh please let DOUGLAS WILLIAMS win this match? Williams is the best man to wear that X Title because he never will need the World Title to get over. Plus, Williams cutting promos while champ is one of the best things TNA has done this year.



Doug L. – WILLIAMS via Mt. Vesuvius’ wrath!

Jeff S. – KAZ.

CONSENSUS: This match was the only contest in which The Faculty was undecided. The vote here is even 6-6.

The Band (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) vs. Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal)

Josh B. – THE BAND.

David Stephens –


Daniel B. – THE BAND.

Crystal M. – Disgusting match. Old people versus weirdos. The Hulk Hogan friend card comes in effect and the nWo staggers (THE BAND) get another undeserved, ridiculous win.

David Sumroy – I don’t get why they are the new champs. They haven’t looked particularly good as of late. That being said, I don’t think they will lose them so quickly. THE BAND to retain.

Michael P. – THE BAND hmmmmm too new of a tag team, and it’s the band, of course BAND retains, any other pick is lunacy.

Jose M. – THE BAND because I think it is too soon to take the titles off the band.

Joe B. –

Anthony V. – Ok, why is Shannon Moore getting title matches? Why does The Band have the titles? Why is Matt Morgan feuding with Samoa Joe? I am probably going to be awful in TNA picks anyway so I am going to take a risk here. I remember back in the WCW days when the NWO would lose matches by DQ on purpose so they can keep the titles. So you know what? Since TNA likes to copy off of WCW and ECW things I am going to pick INK INC. to win this match…by Disqualification as Eric Young will take out someone wearing a Mohawk.

Sean H. – THE BAND.

Mike T. – THE BAND.

Doug L. – THE BAND via… did you not read what I typed earlier?!


CONSENSUS: The Band is predicted to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships (those the only holdout predicted it would be a DQ). The Band won our vote 11-1.

Rob Van Dam (c) vs. AJ Styles

Josh B. – ROB VAN DAM.

David Stephens –

Matt O. – RVD.

Daniel B. – ROB VAN DAM.

Crystal M. – I hate, hate, HATE ROB VAN DAM. It saddens me that AJ Styles had to lose to him. It saddens me even more that AJ Styles is going to have to lose to him again. Let me just take this opportunity to publicly state that despite the fact AJ Styles promos make me cringe, he is the best freakin’ thing in TNA. Home grown boy. Deserves better than jobbing to a druggie. Maybe that’s too harsh.

David Sumroy – RVD to retain.

Michael P. – ROB VAN DAM doesn’t lose the title to AJ yet. Maybe next PPV but not this one.

Jose M. – RVD because I am convinced that TNA has strapped their horses to him and wants to see what he can do.

Joe B. –

Anthony V. – For the first time in months, the TNA Title match is a hard pick in my opinion. I expect Ric Flair to grab some cheap prop from the TNA gift shop and hand it to AJ. However, I think that ROB VAN DAM overcomes all obstacles and retains here. Besides, I actually like RVD as the TNA Champ.

Sean H. – RVD.

Mike T. – ROB VAN DAM.

Doug L. – RVD via *part II*… even though RVD gets the win, Hardy jumps him from behind… cue up dishonor and broken heart bromance everywhere!

Jeff S. – ROB VAN DAM.

CONSENSUS: Rob Van Dam is the unanimous choice here. The entire Faculty predicts the title will not change hands thanks to a 12-0 vote.


Well, that does it for another round of Predictions from the Faculty for the 2010-2011 season.

And remember students, this is YOUR column too! Please present to me your choices for the winners of any PPV by e-mail at or by sending me an inbox message on Facebook. Winner of each PPV receives a coveted (and NEVER duplicated) Gold Star in my latest column and is named the “Student of the Week” for the next Predictions article.

Well, that does it for us, class. On behalf of my peers on WrestleView I bid you farewell. We will be taking a 6-day break and will be back with our predictions for WWE’s Over The Limit. As always, thank you for reading our predictions. Now go and enjoy the rest of your weekend! You are all………DISMISSED!

Thank you for reading and to those that do, participate. We appreciate your feedback.