TNA Global Championship
Rob Terry (c) vs. Orlando Jordan

Rob Terry went after Orlando Jordan right away. Terry with a huge hip toss on Jordan and then a clothesline in the corner. Terry with another big clothesline on Jordan. Terry hits Jordan with some stiff right hands. Terry with a high back body drop on Jordan. Terry with a body splash and side slam combo on Jordan. Jordan gets in a quick shot on Terry and Terry responds with a big spin kick. Terry hulks up and clotheslines Jordan to the entrance ramp who lands on his feet and then falls back. Terry catches up with Jordan and tosses him back inside the ring. Terry tosses Jordan on his shoulder and hits a big running powerslam. Jordan puts Terry’s leg up on the top rope and kicks it a few times. Jordan then drops his body over Terry’s knee. Terry grabs his knee in pain. Jordan pulls Terry towards the corner and drives his leg into the steel ring post. Jordan starts punching the bad knee of Terry. Jordan then drops down and applies a modified ankle lock. Terry breaks it up kicking Jordan away, but Jordan stays on Terry dropping an elbow. Jordan continues to work over Terry’s knee hitting a few kicks. Terry kicks Jordan away, but Jordan is relentless and stays on Terry hitting some big right hands. Jordan drops a knee over the chest of Terry, covers Terry by giving him a full mount and Terry kicks out. Taz had fun describing that one. Jordan with an elbow to the back of the head of Terry. Jordan gets up on the top rope, exposes one of his knee pads, jumps and misses as Terry rolls out of the way. Jordan picks up Terry by his head and Terry lifts up Jordan and drives him back down to the mat with a modified chokeslam/powerslam. Terry covers Jordan and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA Global Champion: Rob Terry

After the match, Rob Terry is handed the TNA Global Championship and he heads up the entrance ramp. Orlando Jordan then runs him down and gives him a big chop block. Jordan then drives the bad knee of Terry right into the TNA Global Championship belt over the entrance ramp. Jordan grabs the title and throws it at Terry.

Backstage, a camera goes into the locker room of Team 3D. Ink Inc. walks in (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal) and tell them they had a hell of a match tonight. Devon wishes Moore and Neal good luck in their shot at the tag titles tonight. Ray tells Neal to watch it tonight since Hall and Nash probably want payback for Sean Waltman. Neal tells them he has it covered tonight. When they leave, Ray gets upset and says a kid who has only in the business for two years can take care of them? Devon tells Ray to calm down.

* Kazarian defending the TNA X Division Championship against Douglas Williams is up next.