SPOILERS: TNA Impact for Thursday

Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer and Susan Johnson:

– Bischoff came and announced the top 10 rankings but didn’t really explain why they were ranked as such.

10. Samoa Joe
9. Rob Terry
8. Desmond Wolfe
7. The Pope
6. Abyss
5. Mr. Anderson
4. Jeff Hardy
3. AJ Styles
2. Kurt Angle
1. Sting.

Each contender came out as they were named except for Angle. Samoa Joe flipped off Eric and left.

(1) Roxxi d. Madison Rayne in a non title match.

Kurt Angle cuts a promo about being back and going for the TNA Title.

(2) Orlando Jordan d. Rob Terry to win the Global Title.

(3) Jay Lethal and RVD d. Beer Money. Sting attacked RVD after the match and Jeff Hardy made the save.

Abyss comes out and demands Wolfe give him Chelsea. Wolfe and Chelsea come out with her bags. Wolfe takes a bottle out of her bag. He busts it and uses the jagged edge on Abyss. Chelsea thinks it’s too much and actually feels sorry for Abyss.

(4) Eric Young beat Shannon Moore after Brother Ray got involved. Devon came out an argued with Ray.

(5) Kazarian won an X Division rankings battle royal. Order of elimination was Amazing Red, Max Buck, Alex Shelley, Jeremy Buck, Chris Sabin, Homicide and Brian Kendrick.

(6) Hardy d. Sting when Anderson gave Sting the Mic Check. After the match Sting laid them both out with bat shots.

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