from – Tampa Bay Online:

TAMPA – Hulk Hogan is going to the mat against The Flintstones.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, is suing the maker of Cocoa Pebbles, accusing the company of appropriating his image in commercials for the cereal.

In the “Cocoa Smashdown” commercial, a cartoon character resembling Hogan easily beats Fred and Barney inside the ring. But then Bamm-Bamm steps in and pounds the blond-haired, mustachioed wrestler to bits.

Hulk, the federal lawsuit states, “is shown humiliated and cracked into pieces with broken teeth, with the closing banner, ‘Little Pieces…BIG TASTE!'”

The commercial character goes by the name “Hulk Boulder,” which Hogan’s lawsuit says is a name he used early in his career until wrestling promoter Vince McMahon decided he should have an Irish name.

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