We’ve received a few emails in response to a report on Monday at this link in regards to TNA allegedly using “planted fans” at recent TV tapings in Orlando, FL.

Jerry Davis sent this in:


In regards to your planted fans story, you mentioned TNA and formerly WCW planting attractive fans in the front row of their takings. WWE has done this for years in my area. They would often call a local escort service when RAW was in town and comp the girls front row seats. I think you will find many large PPV boxing events do the same with models/escorts.

Mark Holdsworth sent this in:

Hi Adam,

I just read your report from the Wrestling Observer stating that “TNA is using planted fans at TV tapings”. I was actually at the last set of tapings May 17/18/19 and was in line with the “models” that they stated were planted at the tapings. These girls were actually right in front of me in line and I was standing right behind them in the tapping on Monday (I am the guy with the NY Yankees hat and white shirt), any ways I highly doubt they were “planted” as they waited in line in the hot sun with the rest of us for two hours before the show (taped Monday). They were hanging out with two nerdy guys too, and all seemed to be very familiar with wrestling … plus when I spoke to them they said they had come down from New Jersey for the show.

Any ways, just thought I would follow up on the reports since I was actually there and standing with them in line.