SLAMMIVERSARY: Williams vs. Kendrick

TNA X Division Championship
Douglas Williams (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

Lots of back and forth countering early on between Williams and Kendrick. Williams grounds Kendrick, but Kendrick fights back with a series of elbows to the back. Williams locks the leg of Kendrick and rolls around the ring taking Kendrick with him. Williams with a big right hand to Kendrick. Kendrick with some big elbows to Williams. Williams responds catching Kendrick after he hit the ropes and connecting with a powerful samoan drop. Williams gets a surfboard submission applied on Kendrick. Kendrick counters out attempting a quick pinfall, but a frustrated Williams powers out and then goes on the attack right away. Williams tosses Kendrick over the top rope to the ring apron. Williams hits the ropes, runs at Kendrick, Kendrick springboard flips himself over the top rope over Williams, hits the ropes and then connects with a suicide dive on Williams on the outside. Kendrick tosses Williams back in, goes up top and connects with a missile dropkick. Kendrick with two big kicks to the head of Williams, cover and Williams somehow gets a shoulder up. Kendrick with a boot to the face on Williams. Williams kicks Kendrick in the hamstring (or close to the “yam bag” as Taz called it on commentary). Series of pinfall attmepts between the two. Williams drives a knee into the jaw of Kendrick, hits a snap suplex and gutwrench suplex combo. Williams with a T-Bone suplex on Kendrick that results in a two count. Kendrick counters Williams’ Chaos Theory by biting his fingers. Williams with a tornado DDT on Kendrick after Williams sat up top. Williams covers Kendrick and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Douglas Williams

After the match, we see a few highlights of the match leading to the finish.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Eric Bischoff. Hemme wants Bischoff’s thoughts on Sting’s actions as of late. Bischoff said Sting doesn’t seem to care about TNA or its fans, while Rob van Dam is the perfect champion every company would want.

* Madison Rayne defending the TNA Knockouts Championship against Roxxi is up next.