TNA Knockouts Championship
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Roxxi

Before the match, Rayne got on the mic and asked Roxxi why she keeps coming and going from TNA as The Beautiful People dominated the Knockouts division for the last two years. Rayne dares Roxxi to put her career in TNA on the line tonight just like Tara since she is putting up her title. Roxxi accepts and Rayne hits her in the face with the mic right away.

The bell rings and Roxxi is busted open right away. Blood is pouring down her face as Rayne gets in a few shots in the corner. Roxxi starts climbing up the corner and Rayne pulls her down by her legs. Roxxi has the crimson mask at this point or at least close to it as Rayne works over her left arm and shoulder. Roxxi catches Rayne with a kick to the head. Roxxi with a huge big boot on Rayne and then tosses her back in a fallaway slam. Roxxi hits her Voodoo Driver on Rayne and Rayne somehow kicks out after two. Roxxi is shocked. Rayne with a kick to Roxxi. Roxxi with a kick back and she hits another Voodoo Driver. When she plants Rayne, Rayne bounes out of the ring and tries to recover on the outside. Roxxi goes out and tosses Rayne back inside. Rayne takes advantage and drops Roxxi with her flip axe kick driver. Rayne covers Roxxi and gets the pinfall. Roxxi’s career in TNA is done.

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne

After the match, Madison Rayne holds up her title and mocks Roxxi waving goodbye. Rayne yells at Roxxi to leave. Tenay brings up how first Tara and now Roxxi are both sent packing from TNA by Rayne.

* Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal is up next.