Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal

Before the match, Brother Ray grabs a mic and tells Jesse Neal to relax for a second. Ray calls out Brother Devon to come out to the Impact Zone. Devon starts walking out down the ramp when Shannon Moore runs out. Moore gets in the ring and is trying to back up Neal. Ray said he owes everyone standing in the ring an apology. He said Devon talked some sense into him and said there was no reason for Ray to have treated Neal the way he has. Ray said Neal is doing what they trained him to do. Moore decides to leave the ring and head to the back. Devon assures him it is okay. Ray apologizes for calling Neal a failure in the Navy. He apologizes to Neal again, Devon, the fans and the people watching at home. Devon asks him if it is over. Ray and Neal hug. 3D hold up the arms of Neal and start to head up the ramp when Ray turns around and decks Neal with a right hand.

Ray grabs Neal and tosses him with force back into the ring. The bell officially rings and Ray drops Neal with a huge big boot. Devon runs up and TNA officials hold him back. Ray tells them to take Devon to the back. Devon backs off saying this isn’t over. Neal mounts a comeback with a few elbows, but Ray drops him with a big right hand. Ray with a big chest chop to Neal in the corner. Ray with some body shots to Neal. Ray drops an elbow across the chest of Neal. Neal attempts some charges at Ray, but Ray kicks him away and chops Neal some more. Ray gets Neal in the tree of woe and chops him again. Ray then drops Neal in the corner with a big neckbreaker. Ray props Neal in the corner again and hits another huge chop. More chops from Ray to Neal on the mat. Neal with right hands attempting a comeback. Neal with a clothesline, Ray stays on his feet, Neal pushes Ray to the corner and hits a springboard crossbody. Neal with a belly-to-belly on Ray. Ray with a Bubba Bomb on Neal and then slaps his back. Ray goes up to the top rope when we see a shot of Tommy Dreamer walking down the rafters and staring down Ray. A loud “ECW” chant starts up. Ray misses a senton splash on Neal and Neal catches Ray with a big spear. Cover by Neal and Neal gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jesse Neal

After the match, Brother Ray can’t believe it. Jesse Neal celebrates his huge win as we see a shot of Tommy Dreamer leaving the rafters and to the back.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Hernandez. Hernandez said tonight he gets his revenge for what Matt Morgan did to him and putting him on the shelf for months.

* Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez is up next.