Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer

The show opened with Eric Bischoff announcing that The Band had been stripped of the tag team titles because Hall didn’t live up to the standards of the company. He announced The Motor City Machine Guns face the winners of a four-team tournament for the belts at Victory Road on 7/11.

Magnus b Suicide. Magnus then waned a match wit Rob Terry for the Global title. They brawled. Then it was announced Terry will defend his title against–Homicide–next week.
Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal b Kevin Nash & Eric Young in a tag team tournament match.

Ric Flair came out with the new heel group of Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money, Kazarian and A.J. Styles. The group’s name is Fortune because that’s how much TNA has lost since its inception. Lethal and Flair got into an argument.

Douglas Williams b Max Buck with a tornado DDT. Brian Kendrick hit the ring and choked out Williams.

Samoa Joe b Hernandez due to interfernce of Matt Morgan. Morgan then was beating on Hernandez after the match but Joe saved Hernandez.

Angelina Love b Lacey Von Erich. Love faces Velvet Sky tomorrow and probably Madison Rayne at the PPV.

Beer Money beat Team 3-D in the tag team tournament. Brother Ray attacked Jesse Neal, who was doing commentary, leaving Devon alone and he was pinned. Beer Money vs. Neal & Moore will take place probably tomorrow, winners facing the Machine Guns.

Devon argued with Bubba, slapped him and left.

Jay Lethal b Desmond Wolfe. For some reason, Chelsea was in Wolfe’s corner. Flair & Wolfe beat down Lethal ater the match. Hulk Hogan made the save. Tommy Dreamer was watching the match. Hogan then announced Lethal vs. Flair for Victory Road.

A three way with Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson saw Abyss give Anderson the black hole slam through broken glass and choke slammed Hardy through a table. Hogan and Abyss then had a pull-apart so we’ve got a heel turn there and already setting up the Hogan vs. Abyss match that at one point was scheduled for Bound for Glory.