To follow up on a radio recap sent to WrestleView on Sunday by Gary Cantrell, The Honky Tonk Man clarified a statement he made on the show in a Facebook post courtesy of

Honky Tonk Man was quoted as saying, “I worked you f*ckers all the way to the very end, there was no deal” in what seemed to be a comment about rumors that he was in talks with TNA Wrestling despite Eric Bischoff saying no such talks had ever taken place since his tenure with the company.

HTM wrote the following on Facebook: “When I said there was no TNA deal I was referring to ‘On Air.’ As stated on my official website, TNA contacted HTM in December to negotiate a deal. Since there are pending legal issues, I can not say too much. I can say TNA and HTM have been in negotiations concerning a deal with Jakks Pacific for an action figure merchandise deal.”

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