TNA management are doing all they can to get Paul Heyman to debut at the Victory Road PPV this Sunday in Orlando. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that as of this weekend, those within the company believe Heyman is coming in and that the only thing left is for the sides to close a deal.

Heyman stated recently in an interview that he wanted a deal similar to what Dana White has with the UFC (full control of the promotion and a stake in the company) and doesn’t want to be offered a low-ball deal that was given to Jim Ross not long ago. One of the things Heyman is insistent about in regards to TNA is the need for the company to revamp the product marketing.

At the same time, in the same recent interview with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez during the UFC 116 weekend in Las Vegas, Heyman said he won’t be appearing at the Victory Road PPV. The belief is that TNA wants Heyman to be the television leader of the ECW invasion group, although he has said he doesn’t want to be involved as a TV character. Despite what he has said, there are many sources within TNA saying the deal is close enough to the point where Heyman has already started working on ideas and is at least willing to make a public appearance to let people know he is there on what would effectively be TNA hitting the reboot button.