#10 Kurt Angle vs. #8 “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Lock up and Angle pushes Pope to the corner. The referee breaks it up and the two exchange headlocks and snapmare takedowns. Angle keeps Pope grounded with a big headlock. Pope fights to his feet and Angle drops him with a shoulder block. Pope with a series of hip tosses on Angle. Pope with some big offense and Angle bails to the outside to regroup. Pope opens the ropes to allow Angle back in and claps for him. Angle then steps forward, hits a kick to the gut and powerbombs Pope into the corner. Angle with a quick snap suplex on Pope. Angle with a big knee to the gut on Pope and presses his forearm over the face of Pope during a pinfall attempt. The two exchange shots on their feet. Pope gets the better of it with a clothesline and a series of elbows to the head. Pope with a german suplex on Angle, Angle blocks a second, but Pope drops Angle with a trip/clothesline combo. Angle is back up and drops Pope with one german suplex, a second german and a third with a release. Pope counters an Angle Slam attempt and drops Angle into the ropes sliding his body over his back and head to the outside. Pope goes up top, Angle jumps up and executes a huge belly-to-belly suplex off the top turnbuckle. Angle goes shoulder first into the corner when Pope moved. Pope with a facebuster on Angle for a close two count. Angle Slam on Pope, cover and Pope gets a shoulder up after two. Angle with the ankle lock applied on Pope. Pope is close to the ropes and Angle pulls him back out to the middle of the ring. Pope with a rollup for a close two count. Pope counters a sunset flip into a pinfall that Angle counters and rolls over into an ankle lock. Pope taps.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match, Kurt Angle helps up “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and they hug.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam. RVD says he trusts no one tonight, especially “The Monster” Abyss and his 2×4 full of spikes and nails.

* Rob Van Dam defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Abyss, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy is up next to close the show.