TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeremy Borash did the ring introductions for the challengers Mr. Anderson, Abyss, Jeff Hardy and champion Rob Van Dam. The bell rings and Abyss remains on the outside looking in. Abyss gets up on the ring apron and RVD, Hardy and Anderson go in for the attack. Anderson, Hardy and RVD exchange turns hitting right hands on Abyss in the corner. Hardy splashes Abyss. Anderson follows. RVD is next and gives Abyss a monkey flip. Hardy with a flip dive jumping off the back of RVD to take out Abyss with help from Anderson. Anderson with a close rollup for a two count on RVD. RVD with a big spin kick to Anderson. Abyss trips up RVD when he was hitting the ropes and tosses him into the steel guard railing. Anderson and Hardy double team Abyss. RVD gets in some offense on Hardy and then jumps over the top rope to take out Abyss. Hardy is out next taking out Abyss as well. Anderson gets up on the top turnbuckle and drops a sledgehammer over the head of Abyss. RVD with a split leg moonsault over Anderson back in the ring. RVD with a big spin kick to the jaw of Hardy. Anderson crotches RVD up on the top turnbuckle. Hardy jumps up with Anderson. Abyss is now under them. Big Tower of Doom spot from the corner involving all four men. RVD with some big kicks on Abyss. RVD with a big kick to Anderson and corner clothesline on Hardy. RVD comes off the top with a big kick to the head of Abyss. RVD is back up top and Anderson tosses him off into the entrance ramp. Hardy with a big flipping dive from the corner on Abyss, covers and Anderson breaks it up. Anderson with a Mic Check on Abyss and Hardy breaks up the pinfall. Abyss with a Black Hole Slam on Hardy. Anderson pulls the referee out to break up the pinfall. Hardy tosses Abyss through the ropes to the outside. Hardy and Anderson go at it in what Taz describes as a hockey fight. Hardy blocks a Mic Check and Anderson blocks a Twist of Fate attempt. Hardy then backs off, waits and drops Anderson with a Twist of Fate. Hardy connects with the Swanton on Anderson. Abyss then chokeslams Hardy over Anderson. Abyss covers Hardy and RVD comes off the top hitting a Five Star Frog Splash. RVD covers Anderson and gets the pinfall. Wow, crowd in Orlando is beyond dead for this main event.

Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Rob Van Dam

After the match, Rob Van Dam is handed the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and celebrates his win. Abyss then levels RVD from behind. Abyss then grabs his 2×4 covered in spikes and nails. Abyss goes to hit RVD with it, but RVD rolls out of the way and looks on as the PPV goes off the air.

A promo for TNA Hard Justice on Sunday, August 8 airs.

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