Spoiler report courtesy of The Wrestling Observer

The show was built around the ECW angle that ended the show, in many ways a copy of the original Nexus angle from WWE.

The show opened with Abyss and his board of nails. He came out with Raw meat and began smashing the board onto the meat. He named the board Janice, I guess after someone’s old girlfriend (“flat as a board”). Abyss destroyed the meat and the board ended up breaking, and it also tore up the canvas of the ring so they had to change it.

Backstage, Taylor Wilde and Sarita began brawling and ended up in the ring and Wilde choked Sarita out and was ruled the winner.

Brian Kendrick b Douglas Williams in a non-title match with the cobra clutch when Williams tapped. Kevin Nash came out and choke slammed Kendrick.

Nash demanded more TV time and Jeff Jarrett came out. Jarrett threatened to suspend Nash and called him an egomaniac who cared about nothing but money. Nash walked off.

Samoa Joe won a three-way over Rob Terry and Desmond Wolfe when Joe beat Wolfe via submission. Chelsea walked out on Wolfe.

They announced a best of five series for the tag titles with the Machine Guns vs. Beer Money. The first match was a ladder match. The Guns were about to win when Storm used a beer bottle and got the contract. Very good match.

Pope D’Angelo Dinero b Matt Morgan. Post match saw Morgan about to kick Dinero into the post and injure him, but Mr. Anderson made the save to show Pope he’s changed. Anderson went for a handshake but Pope walked out.

They teased problems with The Beautiful People that have been teased for weeks, how Madison Rayne now thinks she’s the star and Velvet Sky is mad.

Madison Rayne said the ruling that she lost the title was unfair and threatens to sue. Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich came out and wanted to know why Rayne recruited the biker chick. Rayne insulted them. Angelina Love came out and Sky and Lacey told Love that she could do whatever she wanted to Rayne. They began fighting when the biker chick helped Rayne and beat down Love.

Jeff Hardy b Jay Lethal clean with a swanton.

Ric Flair came out and announced A.J. Styles and Kazarian as the first two members of Fortune. Flair said that Earl Hebner made a bad call as he never submitted and never tapped. He wanted another match with Lethal. Desmond Wolfe came out and wanted to be in Fortune. Flair wasn’t down with that and they started arguing. Abyss then came out and Flair and company all left.

RVD came out and Abyss said it’s time to let everyone know the plans and how they are taking over and nobody can stop them. But RVD turned on Abyss and hit him with a belt shot. Abyss made a comeback and went for the board, but Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal came out. Abyss laid them both out. Then Mick Foley was on stage and all the ECW guys attacked Abyss. Security ran in and all got laid out. Doug Williams, Brutus Magnus and Kazuchika Okada came out and the ECW guys beat them up. Brian Kendrick and Desmond Wolfe ran in to get beat up. Then agents Pat Kenney and Al Snow joined the ECW group and beat up D-Lo Brown and Terry Taylor. Jay Lethal and Matt Morgan were next in and got beaten down. Jeff Jarrett tried to stop and got beaten down. They had police spray mace and the ECW group of RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Raven, Kenney, Snow and Devon were left in the ring as the show ended.