SPOILERS: TNA Impact for August 5

Results courtesy of Gerweck.net

*I arrived during a tryout matches featuring two talents I didn’t recognize.

*Jeremy Buck pinned Okada.


*Tommy Dreamer calls out Raven to explain his actions last week. Dreamer asks why he attacked him last week and said that his kids call him “Uncle Scotty” and now he has to explain to them what happened. Raven says he attacked Dreamer because he’s been waiting to get at Dreamer since Dreamer stole his girl and married her. Dreamer went after Raven but Abyss showed up to make it a two on one. RVD hit the scene to make the save and brawled with Abyss. Raven DDT’d Dreamer on the stage. Mick Foley came out to help Dreamer and announced at the PPV it will be Dreamer vs. Raven in a Final Showdown with Foley as the guest referee.

*Hamada and Taylor Wilde defeated Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky to become to new TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions. Madison Rayne and the motorcycle woman show up on the ramp, distracting the champions to set up the finish.

*AJ Styles pinned Rob Terry after a lowblow to retain the TNA Global TV title.

*Later tonight is Abyss and Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam.

*Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne are shown backstage being restrained by security because she’s so angry over the loss of the Knockouts Tag titles.

*In a “Capture the X” style Ultimate X Match, it’s Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machineguns. Robert Roode cuts a promo saying that The Guns have proven they are great and even though it’s their type of match, Beer Money are taking the titles tonight. The Guns respond that the only way they are taking the belts is from their cold, dead hands. There are lots of great spots to open the match and some nice back and forth wrestling. Beer Money gets the upper hand but can’t get the X because Roode is afraid of heights and Storm appears to have had a little too much to drink. Another great match between the two teams, with the end being Alex Shelley sliding acrossd the ropes while Roode walked across like a tight rope. They fought near the X and Roode got crotched and bumped into the ring while Shelley grabbed the X. They are tied 2-2. Amazing match.

*Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Miss Tessmacher come to the ring. He announced RVD vs. Abyss match on the big Impact will be a “Stairway to Janice” match as a takeoff on the old ECW Stairway to Hell bout. He announces the final Beer Money vs. Motor City Machineguns bout, Mr. Anderson vs. Pope Dinero and Jeff Hardy having an open challenge that night as well.

*Orlando Jordan vs. Pope Dinero. Jordan and Pope face off. Jordan gets Pope in the corner and starts grinding on him, which Pope doesn;t like. Eric Young runs out and starts collecting all the money that fell during Pope’s speech. That distracts Jordan, who Pope surprises with a pin. Matt Morgan attacks Pope after the match but Ken Anderson makes the save. Pope isn’t happy Anderson did. The TNA security guards from last week show up and yell at Anderson as well.

*Backstage, Christy Hemme informs Ric Flair that if any member of Fortune interferes, Flair is suspended for 90 days.

*Jay Lethal vs. Ric Flair in a Street Fight. Flair is busted open early. His clothes are ripped off, leaving him battling in underwear and one sock. Douglas Williams shows up to help Flair. We get a Moon over Orlando. Flair finally gets the pin on Lethal after Williams pushes Jay’s leg off the ropes.

*TNA champion Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer defeated Raven and Abyss in a pretty good tag match. Van Dam nailed the five star frog splash on Raven. Abyss attacked them after the match but the ECW crew hit the ring. Abyss got the upper hand but the lights went out and when they returned, The Sandman was in the ring with the Singapore Cane and cleaned house. That should be where the show ends.

After they went off the air, they played “Enter Sandman” and all the ECW guys and Hulk Hogan had a beer bash in the ring.

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