In an interview with, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero talks about what it’s like working with Sting and Flair, his time in WWE and more. He also mentions that this is Sting’s last year in wrestling.

“I haven?t met the Big Pope upstairs, but I?ve had some encounters, and I don?t want to see him again until I can?t see no more [laughing]. My immediate goal is to get Sting in the ring before he exits for good. This is the last year. Pope’s been known to give some prophetic advice, and I can tell you this year is the last year for Sting. Pope wants to get him in the ring before he retires for good. I know in this business, when retirements happen, it’s not set in stone, but when Sting retires, I truly believe it?ll be for good.”

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