HARDCORE JUSTICE: CW Anderson vs. Scorpio

Mike Tenay and Taz discuss tonight’s PPV. Tenay mentions he isn’t trying to be Joey Styles tonight and if Styles was contractually available, he would have stepped aside and gladly sat back. They mention that tonight’s main event has been changed to Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu.

We see video clips of Tod Gordon, Gary Wolfe and The Blue Meanie thanking TNA and Dixie Carter for allowing ECW to have another final farewell.

We then have an “I REMEMBER” segment where AJ Styles recalls Tommy Dreamer getting beaten by The Sandman with a singapore cane uttering the famous line, “Thank you sir may I have another.” Styles calls Dreamer a tough guy. Angelina Love also recalls how she didn’t get to see ECW until its final year in Canada.

Backstage, Al Snow is backstage talking to Head and Stevie Richards is trying to talk him down when Nova walks in. Nova is in Hollywood Hogan mode saying he wants to put the band back together BROTHER. Nova said he found The Blue Meanie. It is one of the backstage TNA security guys (formerly of Phi Delta Slam).

CW Anderson vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Lock up and Anderson works on the left arm of Anderson. Anderson trips up Scorpio and Scorpio flips back up. Scorpio extends a hand to Anderson and Anderson spits on his hand. They start exchanging lefts, rights and elbows. Scorpio with a huge corkscrew dive over the top rope on Anderson. Anderson fires back leveling Scorpio with a huge superkick. Scorpio attempts a few kicks on Anderson. Anderson ducks them all and hits a huge smack to the face of Scorpio. Scorpio trips up Anderson, Anderson does the same, Scorpio with a quick rollup, misses a superkick and is dropped with a big forearm by Anderson. Scorpio with a big flip dive into Anderson in the corner. Scorpio hits a flip dive leg drop over Anderson from the top turnbuckle. Scorpio misses a moonsault and Anderson counters with a big spinebuster. Scorpio comes back with a superkick and connects with a moonsault that he flips through landing with a leg drop over Anderson! Scorpio gets the pinfall after that impressive finish.

Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio

After the match, Taz on commentary says Scorpio could be better now than he ever was in his career.

Madison Rayne, Matt Morgan and Ken Anderson all reflect on ECW’s past.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam is with Bill Alfonso. They talk about Jerry Lynn suffering a back injury and choosing Sabu as his replacement tonight in the main event. Alfonso looks crazy. He said he will manage both RVD and Sabu tonight.

* P.J. Polaco (Justin Credible) vs. Stevie Richards is up next.