IGN.com recently conducted an interview with TNA’s Eric Bischoff where he talked about how the internet draws out certain kinds of wrestling fans and his thoughts on the internet wrestling media.

Bischoff added, “People who are fans of wrestling are really fans of wrestling. There’s not as many passive wrestling fans as people would think. There are a lot of fans who just can’t get enough, and they’re almost more interested in what’s going on behind the scenes and the business of wrestling then they are, necessarily, of what’s going on inside of the ring.

I have a Facebook page. I do an internet radio show once a month on Monday Night Mayhem and I take questions from my Facebook page and answer them live on that show. I think the internet is a manifestation of a certain sector of, as you referred to them, the hardcore fandom audience, but I would suggest that only 10 percent of that audience is the loudest portion, and they are probably a bit obsessive compulsive and get caught up in it so much that they might have lost sight of reality in some respect. But the other 90 percent of the internet audience are just people who want to keep up on what’s going on behind the scenes. But, unfortunately, what we read on the internet and the rumors that are passed around and all the ridiculous observations and perspective by guys like Dave Scherer and Dave Meltzer and guys who put themselves out there to be some kind of expert when they’ve had zero experience in the wrestling business – that type of commentary tends to appeal the most obsessive compulsive, and loudest, 10 percent.”

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