More releases are expected to be taking place over the next 30 to 60 days within TNA Wrestling according to a strong TNA source that spoke with this week. While the numbers can always change over time, around six talents are expected to be cut and it may not happen all at once. As it has been over the last year, the cuts would be another cost-cutting measure for the company.

The cost-cutting in TNA will not stop there. Were told that individuals within TNA are also being coached on certain language in how they will discuss restructuring contracts with talent or as the source put it, “It is double speak for you can stay, but at a reduced pay scale.” This same source also went into detail over the frustration over pay scale with talent. “They’re paying some of these guys $400 a shot and they have to pick up hotel, car rentals, gas, food, etc.”

In addition to cost-cutting measures expected to take place over the next month or two, frustration over the direction of the television product is another big concern. The general feeling among many within TNA is that Vince Russo has no idea what he is doing and that the show has, in the words of a key source, “turned into the Dixie Carter Kiss Ass Show.” This feeling is due to Russo writing her into a majority of the segments on Impact in the last two months. Some talent are even joking that Impact has become the “Dixie Carter Show” starring Dixie Carter and wrestlers who happen to be there.

“The talent think Russo is writing her into the show as a way to protect his job. The entire makeup of the company has completely changed since Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan have entered the company. It is very uncomfortable working there. The regular TNA talent feel as though Russo and Dixie have literally ramrodded the old ECW crew in on top of them. They make more money than a lot of the TNA guys and there’s a lot of resentment in the locker room,” added the source. One joke that made the rounds recently backstage was the recent fight/charity challenge by Jim Cornette to Vince Russo in how that would draw a bigger PPV buyrate than the next TNA PPV would this Sunday.

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