TNA World Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machineguns (c’s) vs. Generation Me

Some early exchanges between Alex Shelley and Jeremy Buck. Few leg sweeps between the two with a tag to Max Buck. Tag to Chris Sabin who hits a big shoulder block on Max. The two attempt a dropkick at the same time and get in each others face. Tag back to Jeremy and Shelley. Springboard arm drag by Jeremy. Tag back to Max who flips off the top turnbuckle over Shelley. Quick tag back to Jeremy who does the same over Shelley. The Guns double team Jeremy with a series of rapid fire offense including an atomic drop (Shelley) and dropkick to the face (Sabin). Some tags between the two with Shelley becoming the legal man with a spinebuster over Jeremy. Shelley locks on an inverted boston crab on Jeremy that Max breaks up. Tag to Max who takes out The Guns with a series of dropkicks. Max with a big bulldog over Sabin and suicide dive on Shelley hanging onto the top rope. Max with a springboard blockbuster over Sabin. Shelley tags himself in and takes out Max with a kick to the face. Jeremy with a neckbreaker on Shelley over the ring apron. Some quick tags between the Bucks. Strange set of double teaming with Generation Me both flipping backward for no reason and then dropkicking Shelley at the same time. Sabin gets the tag and takes both Generation Me members. Sabin with a springboard DDT on Max. Max blocks another attempt by Sabin. Jeremy with an inverted DDT after he was flipped onto Max and flipped backwards. Series of superkicks by all four until The Guns take out Max with a double superkick. Jeremy is left to allow Shelley to hit the flying cross body block and Sabin hooks the leg for the win.

Winners & still TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machineguns

After the match, Generation Me started attacking The Machineguns. Both Max and Jeremy Buck grab Alex Shelley and DDT him off the ring apron onto the floor below. Medical staff run down to attend to Shelley. Chris Sabin tries going after them, but Generation Me runs away. Generation Me run to the top of the ramp and laugh.

Mike Tenay and Taz discuss the Semifinal matches later tonight.

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