The month of October has once again spurred the annual discussion of Sting’s future with TNA Wrestling with his deal set to expire at the end of this year. As with the last few years, Sting comes in mentally prepared to have it be his final year until Dixie Carter talks him into committing for one more year. What might be interesting about this year are two factors: the fact that Sting reportedly has less interest now than he ever has about going another year and the looming possibility of an involvement with WWE next year for the Hall of Fame during Wrestlemania 27 weekend in Atlanta.

Sting is expected to be offered his usual $500,000 a year deal and has always worked limited dates for TV tapings and PPV events (he never works house shows), so most feel it will be pretty hard to turn down. He has been bothered all year by a nagging shoulder injury, thus limiting what he can do in the ring. Most feel if he doesn’t re-sign with TNA that he will be invited to be part of next year’s WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011 with Wrestlemania 27 being held in Atlanta and the Hall of Fame carrying on a “past WCW stars” theme. One source close to Sting added however that the WWE Hall of Fame is almost a non-factor to him in his decision to stay or leave TNA and is not someone who cares about the Hall of Fame.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter