Brian Fritz of AOL Fanhouse and “Between the Ropes” radio is featuring an interview with TNA star Mick Foley where he talks about news of WWE now banning somas in the company’s Wellness Policy.

“I think it’s a good change because I thought somas, when I got into WWE in ’96, were like the scourge of the business. I thought it was the most overused prescription drug imaginable. I know I’ve taken maybe three or four in my life. I took one for a legitimate back injury and four hours later I had to tell my son that I couldn’t drive. It just made me kind of useless. I’m a 300-pound guy, maybe a couple of more pounds than 300, and I think the dose I was taking was the same prescribed to a much lighter person. I think they’re dangerous. The potential for abuse is extremely high and I think with massage therapy and different options that their need is not that great. I really applaud them for banning somas and I think it’s going to make not a big difference because I don’t think there’s been a soma problem for a while, I think it’s just individuals sometimes can have a problem with it. I wouldn’t say there is nearly the problem there was 14, 15 years ago. But nonetheless, I think it’s a good move to take that off the list of things that are acceptable.”

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