Tammy Sytch is none too pleased with TNA Wrestling at the moment. According to a report in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sytch claims TNA refused to forward her Chris Candido’s last paycheck following his death in 2005. The paycheck would have been for the final TNA shows Candido appeared on including the PPV he broke his ankle on that led to surgery causing an infection and ended up dying later that week. Sytch wanted the paycheck to pay off remaining bills in his name.

“They refused because we weren’t legally married, so bills I had of his, in both of our names, ended up being my sole responsibility. It was only a $1,500 check, but still, f*cking scumbags. They had Terry Taylor call me and tell me that. So he basically broke his ankle and died for free. They sent the check in his name, which I couldn’t endorse or deposit…when I asked them to cut me a new check in my name, they said no.”