Lethal Lockdown
Fortune w/ Ric Flair vs. EV2.0 w/ Mick Foley

Before the match officially started, Flair and Foley started going at it. All of the competitors are standing outside of the steel cage and we start with Stevie Richards and Kazarian. Kazarian with some big shots to Richard in the corner. Richards with four big neckbreakers on Kazarian. Richards tosses Kazarian into the side of the cage a few times. Kazarian fights back planting Richards with a scoop slam and connecting with a springboard leg drop. Kazarian attempts another leg drop, but this time from the top turnbuckle and Richards moves out of the way. Richards with chest chops to Kazarian in the corner. Richards mocks Flair strutting.

Time expires and in next is AJ Styles. Styles with a huge dropkick to Richards. Kazarian holds up Richards allowing Styles to execute a flying clothesline. Flair is yelling and cheering on Styles and Kazarian from the outside. Styles applies a figure four on Richards and Kazarian holds down his arms.

Time expires and in next is Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer goes after Styles right away, but Kazarian gets involved. Dreamer levels both with a double clothesline. Dreamer with a big shot to Kazarian in the corner and hits a pumphandle suplex on Styles. Richards holds up Kazarian allowing Dreamer to hit a flying elbow. Richards is favoring his ankle. We get a Tower of Doom spot in the corner.

Time expires and in next is Robert Roode. Roode goes after Dreamer with some big right hands and sends Dreamer face first into the side of the cage with force. Roode with chops to Richards. Dreamer is busted open. Flair is punching Dreamer through the opening in the cage for the cameras. Raven is spitting at Roode through the cage. Styles with a splash on Richards.

Time expires and in next is Sabu. Sabu with big right hands to Styles and Kazarian. Sabu with a flying heel kick and splash in the corner to Kazarian. Sabu with a tornado DDT on Styles. Sabu applies a Camel Clutch on Styles. Dreamer with a front powerslam on Roode. Dreamer’s face is covered in blood.

Time expires and in next is James Storm. Beer Money with a big back body drop on Dreamer. Storm and Styles double team Richards and Sabu. We get a BEER…MONEY spot from Storm and Roode in the ring. Richards with a superkick on Kazarian and Storm catches Sabu with superkick.

Time expires and in next is Raven. Raven with a bulldog and clothesline combo. Another big clothesline on Roode. Dreamer has Styles in the tree of woe and “steps on the yam bag of Styles” as Taz put it. Roode is now busted open as Dreamer drops a series of right hands over his forehead.

Time expires and in next is Matt Morgan. Morgan powerbombs Sabu back first with force into the side of the cage. Morgan with big back elbows to a bloody Dreamer in the corner. Flair lets out a loud, “WOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Morgan removed blood from the head of Sabu and starts spreading it over his chest.

Time expires and in last is Rhino. Rhino levels everyone with clotheslines and then a big spinebuster on Roode and belly-to-belly suplex on Morgan. Rhino with a Gore on Storm. All ten men are now in the cage and the top starts lowering filled with weapons. Flair and Foley are now going at it at ringside. Flair is chopping and punching Foley. Foley responds with some big right hands. They are now brawling up the top of the ramp as Richards hits Styles over the head with a cookie sheet. Loud Sabu chant. Lots of weapons shots in the ring. Action is all over the place and they can barely cover it. Rhino is using a chair trying to choke Kazarian with it. Morgan and Raven exchange weapons shots with a trash can lid and singapore cane. Richards tosses Kazarian into the cage door and it swings open as Kazarian falls out. Kazarian starts climbing up the cage and gets to the top. Richards follows him up. Sabu with a springboard splash from the cage to the outside on Morgan. Richards is now setting up a table at the top of the cage. Kazarian counters and gets Richards on top of the table. Kazarian sets up a ladder and climbs up it near the table. Brian Kendrick appears as he was hiding under a black blanket on top of the cage. Kendrick back body drops Kazarian through the table and seems to start meditating. Very strange. In the ring, Dreamer gets Styles on his shoulders and hits the Dreamer Driver on top of a steel chair. Dreamer covers Styles and gets the pinfall.

Winners: EV2.0

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Kurt Angle. Angle talks about how he must win tonight or his career is over. He promises to walk out of Daytona Beach the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and adds, “Hulk, this one is for you.”

A video package runs focusing on Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson in the main event.

* Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson in a triple threat is up next to crown a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion to close the show.