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Xplosion: X Division Champion Jay Lethal d. Amazing Red.

– Impact opens up with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Hogan says Dixie lied to him and sold him a false bill of goods when he joined TNA and now is was time for Hollywood to take over. He introduces us to team Hogan and calls out Hardy, Jarrett and Abyss. Fortune comes out and Flair tells Hogan that only one of them can run TNA. They have a stare down and then they hug. Hardy announces that he was behind the attack of Abyss on RVD. Eric Bischoff calls out Nash and Sting. He offers them a spot in the group and they turn it down.

– Madison Rayne comes to the ring and demands that Tara lay down and let her get the pin on her and win the Knockouts Title or she will rip up the papers she signed allowing her back in to TNA. Tara doesn’t want to do it but eventually does so Madison Rayne at least for now is your new Knockouts Champion. Mickie James comes out and Madison shoves Tara into her and runs off.

– Kurt Angle comes out with no music or special entrance. He says before he retires he wants answers. Jeff Jarrett comes out and says he lost so he must retire. Angle tries to attack Jarrett but police offers arrest Kurt and take him out of the building.

(1) Samoa Joe d. Abyss on a DQ when Abyss busted him open using the ring bell. RVD made the save and called out Hardy. Bischoff comes out instead and says tonight RVD will take on Anderson and the winner will take on Jeff Hardy at Turning Point for the TNA World Title.

(2) Fortune d. The Pope in a four on one handicap match.

– The Shore come out and cut a promo. JWoww comes out with the Beautiful People. Cookie makes fun on JWoww and they get into a cat fight which get’s broken up by Robbie E.

(3) Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson ended in a no contest when Eric Bischoff pulled the referee out of the ring. Jeff Hardy then came down and laid out both Anderson and RVD with chair shots.