Eric Bischoff was described as being upset at the media coverage of the final rating for last week’s 10/14 edition of TNA Impact. As reported earlier, while the show drew one of its highest ratings since earlier this year in January, quarter hours told a different story and showed a steep decline until the end of the show. We noted yesterday in our weekly TV ratings report that there was some good news and bad news with the rating.

The good news was that factoring in DVR viewership, it showed an 11% increase and took the total viewing audience to 2.1 million viewers. The bad news was that by the end of the show, 25% of the audience tuning in at the beginning had already tuned out and never came back. Apparently someone in TNA had informed Dixie Carter that while the rating was high, things didn’t look good with the quarter hours at all. This upset Bischoff who felt the show was a huge success no matter what the ratings said as they set up six months worth of angles.

One TNA source added, “Don’t you love it how Eric Bischoff says he has nothing to do with creative when numbers are down or the show sucks, but is the first one to congratulate himself on twitter/facebook when Impact or Reaction does a good number? He’s not going anywhere, but Dixie is on to him and enough people have complained that he has lost a lot of his clout.”

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter