Second report of 11/24 TNA event in Port Huron, MI

KenCo12 sent this report in:

TNA House Show Results from Port Huron, MI.

The event started off with Jeremy Borash (JB) offering backstage passes to a bunch of people. After two people including a ref, try to stop JB, Jeff Jarrett then comes out and tells JB to stop giving out backstage passes. Rhino’s music hits, and Rhino enters the ring, saying that all fans deserve it. An ‘impromptu’ match begins between Jeff Jarrett and Rhino in a “winner decides if people are allowed backstage” match.. Rhino won, yet, I’m still not going backstage.

An X division Title match is up next, where it is Eric Young versus Jay Lethal. Multiple “E Y” chants occurs throughout the match, but the ‘confusing’ thing was that the entire match, E Y couldn’t figure out what was going on. At first he thought he was tag team matching up with Jay Lethal against JB and the ref, and actually rolls up the ref, counts his own 3 count, then grabs the X division title and starts posing with fans. After the match finally started, it ended pretty quickly with Jay Lethal winning after a elbow from the top rope.

They announce the introduction of Earl Hebner, and we begin to chant “you screwed bret”. Sure enough, as we started chanting, he took off his ref shirt, and under it was an Earl Hebner T-shirt that says “damn right I did”. I then immediately bought one, which is now signed by Earl and his son.

Madison Rayne v. Velvet Skye to a match where I don’t recall what happened because I was in the beer line, but Madison Rayne retained the Knockouts championship.

MCMG then had a match against the young bucks, and if you wanted a match that was basically a repeat of nearly every same spot from the previous PPV, then you reached the right place. Being the champs, it was obvious MCMG was going to win especially since they were hometown heroes, and they won via some tag team combination. I couldn’t tell you what the over/under was for tags and non-tags, but needless to say non-tags won as it wasn’t really a “tag match”.

After the match, they had an interested ceremony with about 2 dozen new Army recruits. A USA chant was attempted but failed pretty hard with the crowd of about 200 people.

Abyss over sabu in a monsters ball match where sabu botched Abyss then brought out Janice which prompted Samoa joe to come out and beat up abyss. Abyss ran away and left joe in the middle of the ring with a chair in his hand. It ended in a standoff, and then joe cuts a promo that nobody listens to, and promptly leaves the ring. Afterwards, a random guy runs into the ring and sprays down a few spots and begins washing the ring. JB uses this time to delay the crowd.

The final match was AJ Styles v RVD, where I had a bet with another WrestleView VIP member for over / under RVD chants during the match, I set it at 2.5, and the true number was 4. RVD > AJ Styles after a 5 star frog splash. This match wasn’t entertaining at all, and I was bored. We attempted counter chants during the event, but nobody was properly chanting, so we couldn’t counter.

Overall, it wasn’t really that great, and I wish I wouldn’t have gone. Then again, they were selling cheetoh’s AND mountain dew there (pictures to follow), so it was entertaining.

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