Dayton Kain sent this report in:

TNA Sedalia, MO results October 28th.

Eric Young defeated Magnus to earn backstage pass priviledges for select fans.

AJ Styles & Kaz beat Ink, Inc.

Earl Hebner came to referee the next match. Got in the ring, put on his shades and started to mock Bret Hart’s entrance. Huge “You Screwed Bret” chants. Earl takes of his ref shirt to reveal a shirt underneath that says DAMN RIGHT I DID! Classic stuff.

Madison Rayne pinned Velvet Sky with a handful of tights that Earl Hebner didn’t see, big “You Screwed Velvet” chants.

Motor City Machine Guns beat Generation Me. Great uptempo match. Crowd was firmly behind the Guns.

Intermission – Some wrestlers came out to sign autographs while fans went backstage to get everyone else’s autograph. The legendary HARLEY RACE was backstage signing autographs for fans as well.

Jeff Jarrett beat Brian Kendrick.

Main Event – NON TITLE MATCH – Matt Morgan pinned Jeff Hardy after the Carbon Footprint CLEANLY!