woodsplitter44 sent this report in:

I attended the tna live event in Springfield, Missouri Friday night and thought it was interesting that TNA seems they are really going to start pushing Matt Morgan hard as a baby face as he was the superstar doing their customary pictures in the ring with the fans after the show and since they put him over all weekend against Jeff Hardy.

However I don’t know how well the Jeff Hardy heel turn is going to go outside of the Impact Zone cause in Springfield Hardy was trying extremely hard to get heat with the crowd by taunting, flipping the fans off and even spitting at the crowd however nothing seemed to work as it was a very pro Hardy crowd I’d say 70/30 for Hardy with several Hardy chants in unison and you could tell it was discouraging to him to a point. I don’t know if everywhere else is like this or just Springfield, Missouri but I would say probably not?

In the end though all the TNA wrestlers in attendance were very gracious signing autographs and taking time with the fans with the exception of Jeff Hardy which I’m sure was just trying to save character face cause I met him at the airport the day before and he was very gracious there. All and all a good show and decent house lil over half full which was better then last time they were in town. Most heat of the night went to Jeff Jarrett he did a lot of talking. His match with Kendrick was a joke maybe two minutes long and biggest pop was like I said Jeff Hardy even though many cheered for Morgan as well and he got a decent pop with the win the card. Was the same as the show the night before in Sedalia, Missouri. Thought I’d pass that along since I hadn’t seen any reports on the show.