Mickie James vs. Tara

Tara and James start brawling right away after the bell rings. James counters a back body drop and drops Tara with a quick clothesline and dropkick combo. Tara rolls out to recover. She jumps up on the ring apron and gives James a neckbreaker over the top rope. Tara then kicks James in the stomach. James counters a Widow’s Peak and rolls through applying a single leg boston crab. James is pulling back on the hair of Tara and the referee breaks it up when Tara grabs the bottom rope. Tara pulls James out to the floor and they lock up. They stay locked up as they roll back in the ring and Tara launches James across the ring by her hair. Tara chokes James across the bottom rope and yells out, “Smile pretty for the camera!” Tara with a snap suplex on James floating over into a mount position. Tara pulls back on the hair of James. James catches Tara in the corner with an elbow and then gets a head scissors applied sending Tara over the top rope to the floor. James then jumps off the ring apron over Tara. James with a missile dropkick off the top on Tara. James goes for a big kick and Tara grabs her leg. Tara pulls James down into the splits. Tara counters a jumping DDT attempt by James and puts her up on the top turnbuckle. Tara then sits down in the lap of James.

Both ladies throw punches and elbows. Both then fall off the top turnbuckle to the floor below. Another lock up on the outside. James sends Tara back first into the side of the ring two times. The referee is counting. Well, I guess we are ignoring the count now as the referee leaves the ring and follows both ladies into the crowd as they continue to brawl. James and Tara are up against the wall in the rafters. Both push the referee away when he tries to break it up. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

After the match, Mickie James and Tara continue to brawl out of the crowd and then to the other side of the Impact Zone. James sends Tara into the wall area near the entrance ramp. More brawling as James sends Tara into some TNA staff sitting nearby. Tara grabs a large broom and snaps it over the back of James. James with a trash can and clocks Tara with it. James with big right hands to Tara. Tara fights back with some right hands of her own. TNA security hit the scene and attempt to break it up. The crowd chants, “LET THEM FIGHT.” James leaves the area and gets back in the ring. She yells at Tara to get back to the ring. Tara breaks free from security and hits the ring. Security jumps in and Tara drills both of them with big right hands. Big takedown by both ladies. Tara pulled out some of Mickie’s hair. James with a headlock takedown on Tara. D’Lo Brown, Pat Kenney and more security hit the ring to break it up. Another loud “LET THEM FIGHT” from the crowd in Orlando.

A video package runs highlighting Team 3D’s announcement last month at Bound for Glory that they were retiring and how they will face The Motor City Machineguns for the TNA World Tag Team Championships in their last match.

* The Motor City Machineguns defending the TNA World Tag Team Championships against Team 3D is up next in what will be 3D’s final match in pro wrestling as a tag team.