TNA World Tag Team Championships
Team 3D’s final pro wrestling match as a tag team
The Motor City Machineguns (c’s) vs. Team 3D

Huge reaction for Team 3D during their entrance.

The bell rings and we start with Brother Devon and Alex Shelley. Devon and Shelley shake hands before starting. Lock up and Devon pushes Shelley to the corner. Both take turns working over their left arms. Shelley with a head scissors on Devon and Devon jumps back up. Devon drops Shelley with a shoulder block, Shelley floats out of a scoop slam attempt and Devon with a flying twisting elbow on Shelley. Shelley with a big back to the back of Devon, ducks out of some rights and lefts from Devon and both square up. Shelley dropkicks the knees of Devon, tags in Sabin and Devon avoids a big neckbreaker/crossbody combo. Sabin then avoids a 3D attempt when Ray gets the tag. Ray works over the left arm of Sabin. Sabin with a big crossbody on Ray (who literally jumped in the air to make it look more impressive). Ray then catches Sabin with a big right hand. Ray picks up Sabin and Devon drops a leg after getting the tag. Shelley tags himself in and drops an elbow over the spine of Devon. Shelley holds up Devon’s head and Sabin connects with a dropkick. Shelley misses a top rope stomp over Devon and Ray gets the tag. Ray takes down Shelley and works over his knee after missing the stomp. Ray misses a splash and tags in Sabin.

Sabin with a flying elbow, Shelley with one of his own, Sabin with another and then dropkicks Devon off the ring apron. Shelley with a suicide dive on Devon into the steel guard railing. Sabin leaps over the top rope and Ray moves out of the way allowing Sabin to crash and burn. Sabin dodges Ray when he charges and Ray hits the steel ring post with force. Ray is busted open on his forehead as he is tossed in for Shelley (the legal man). Shelley works over the head of Ray and tags in Sabin. Sabin with a big right hand and then sticks his finger in the cut of Ray’s forehead to bust him open more. Tag to Shelley as both Guns hit double kicks. Shelley drops his knee over the head of Ray repeatedly. Sabin tags himself in as he works over Ray in the corner. Ray fires back with an elbow, sits up on the top turnbuckle, Sabin with a shot to the gut, jumps up, but Ray lifts Sabin up and hits a huge powerbomb off the top turnbuckle. Shelley gets the tag and cuts Ray off from tagging in Devon. Ray with a HUGE chest chop to Shelley. Shelley with a big kick to the chest of Ray. Shelley invites another chest chop. Ray does so. Shelley with a kick to the back of the head. Shelley springboards off the corner and Ray catches him in mid air with a modified RKO.

Hot tag to Devon. Crowd is on fire in Orlando. Devon with a series of strikes to Sabin and then a huge flying shoulder block. Devon with a close two count on Sabin. Sabin with a kick to Devon, but Devon fires back with a powerslam for another two count. Devon with a neckbreaker on Sabin, another cover and Shelley breaks it up after two. Shelley pokes the eyes of Devon. Sabin with a charge, Shelley leaps with a elbow, Sabin then jumps and Devon catches him throwing him over Shelley. Devon with a huge clothesline on Sabin. Devon is up top and drops a flying headbutt, hooks the leg and Sabin kicks out after two. Shelley is back up with shots to Devon. Ray tags himself in and clotheslines both Guns. Modified 3D to Sabin, Ray hooks the leg and Sabin somehow kicks out. Ray scoop slams Shelley down on the mat. Ray holds up the legs. Devon is up top for a what’s up headbutt and connects. “Devon…GET THE TABLES” (as the crowd in Orlando chants along). Devon tosses a table inside the ring, Ray officially tags in Devon and sets up the table. Ray puts the table up against the corner. 3D sends Sabin into it, he scales up, flips over and Ray crashes and burns into the table. Double kick from the Guns, cover and Devon somehow kicks out.

Sabin has Devon in a neckbreaker and drops down as Shelley connects with a crossbody. Sabin covers and Devon again kicks out. The Guns are shocked. Devon counters a sliced bread #2 from Shelley and Sabin ends up kicking Shelley in the face in the corner. 3D on Shelley. Devon covers…1…2…Shelley gets a shoulder up. 3D can’t believe it. Tenay asks, “Has anyone kicked out of a 3D?” Taz said he has never seen that. Devon tags in Ray. Devon lifts up Sabin who counters with a DDT. Ray misses an elbow drop. Shelley dropkicks Ray. Sabin drops Ray with a neckbreaker as Shelley hits the crossbody. Cover by Sabin on Ray and The Guns get the pinfall.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machineguns

After the match, we keep the live shot going as we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Brother Devon holds up the airs of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. A bloody Brother Ray is still shaken up as they help him to his feet. Sabin lifts the arm of Ray. All four men hold their arms up as The Guns point to Team 3D. Sabin and Ray hug.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer said Taz, Raven and himself are the reason Team 3D got in the business. He said the EV2 guys are fighting for their jobs tonight. Dreamer congratulates Eric Bischoff for creating this atmosphere.

* Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam is up next.