10 Man Tag Team Match
If EV2 loses the match, one of the members will be fired
Fortune vs. EV2

Mike Tenay thankfully clarified the stipulation that if EV2 loses a member must be fired, while if Fortune loses they face no consequences. This is a change from the original stipulation where the winning team got to fire another member.

The bell rings and everyone is brawling. Robert Roode with a big spinebuster on Stevie Richards in the middle of the ring for a close two count. It looks like Brian Kendrick blew his knee out after taking a nasty bump. James Storm even broke character a little bit and checked on Kendrick as he was being taken away. Tenay and Taz mention that it looks like Kendrick was putting pressure on his knee as he was leaving the inside of the Impact Zone and questioned if he was playing it up to get out of the match. Back in the ring, Kazarian is working over Richards and tags in Douglas Williams. Williams with a flying knee and suplex combo to Richards. Tag to AJ Styles who kicks Richards in the back and showboats a bit. Roode gets the tag and catapults Richards into the bottom rope. Raven breaks it up. Tag to Styles who hits a big suplex on Richards. Tag to Kazarian who suplexes Richards as well. Kazarian misses a superkick attempt and Richards drops him with a modified russian leg sweep. Tags to Rhino and James Storm. Rhino is all over Storm with clotheslines, shoulder charges and a big belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino takes out members of Fortune as they hit the ring going after him. Another belly-to-belly by Rhino on Storm. Rhino is setting up for a Gore.

Roode trips up Rhino and styles hits his springboard flying elbow allowing Storm to get a close two count. Tag to Roode who kicks Rhino right in the gut. Roode with a snapmare and blockbuster combo on Rhino. Tag to Storm who drops a knee over the chest of Rhino. Storm drops Rhino down when he attempted a comeback. Storm with a big kick to the back of Rhino’s head after he was tossed through the ropes to the ring apron. Rhino gets Storm up on his shoulders and drives him down. Tag to Sabu who levels Storm and Styles when he runs in. Sabu takes out members of Fortune on the ring apron as well. Sabu is handed a steel chair, sets it up and springboards off it over the top rope to take out members of Fortune. Raven crotches Styles on the top turnbuckle. Styles pushes Sabu away, misses a springboard 450 and Sabu with a tornado DDT. Williams with an elbow to Sabu and another. Richards with a superkick on Williams. Kazarian drops Richards on his head. Raven with a DDT on Kazarian. Beer Money with a double team on Raven. They do the BEER…MONEY spot. Rhino with a Gore on Roode. Storm with a superkick on Rhino. Sabu hits Storm with a steel chair. Styles with a kick to Sabu in the corner. Sabu crotches Styles up top. Sabu attempts a snap huricanrana, but Styles hangs on and jumps down hitting the Styles Clash. Styles gets the pin.

Winners: Fortune

After the match, Tenay and Taz note that since Sabu was pinned he is now gone from TNA. Fortune celebrate the win was EV2 is in the ring recovering. Styles and the rest of Fortune wave goodbye to Sabu. Ric Flair is on the stage with a mic. Flair wants everyone to pay homage to Fortune and thank god they are here. He then announces that Sabu is fired because he hated The Sheik. I guess Tenay and Taz knew this ahead of time? Either way, Flair starts singing, “Bye bye Sabu!” Tommy Dreamer and Raven get in the ring. RVD grabs a mic saying this sucks and everyone here knows it sucks. Dreamer said if there was ever someone who deserved to be a multi-millionaire after doing what he did to his body for the wrestling business, it was Sabu. He thanks Sabu. The mic seems to catch Dreamer asking if he has anything to say. Sabu’s response, “Nope.”

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and his “congregation.” He puts over the group backing him up tonight and promises to take out Abyss when Mickie James and Tara appear on the scene. They are still fighting from earlier tonight. Pope’s congregation break it up. They walk off and Madison Rayne appears dropping Mickie over the floor yelling, “You don’t belong here!”

* Abyss vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero in a Lumberjack match is up next.