Lumberjack Match
Dinero’s Congregation will act as the Lumberjacks
Abyss vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

The bell rings and The Pope goes right after Abyss. Pope’s entire Congregation is surrounding the ring as the Lumberjacks. Pope with a dropkick sending Abyss to the outside. Abyss quickly rolls back in before the Congregation can get him. Abyss tosses Pope over the top rope, but members of the Congregation catch him and toss him back up on the ring apron. Abyss misses a sitdown splash and Pope goes up top. Pope jumps and levels Abyss with a flying clothesline. Pope with a clothesline sending both himself and Abyss over the top rope. Pope’s brother Kevin is part of the Congregation and they all go after Abyss. Abyss rolls back in and levels Pope with a big boot. Abyss with a big body splash in the corner on Pope. Abyss with a bearhug on Pope. Pope breaks free, but Abyss is able to catch him and lift him up again into the bearhug. The Congregation tries to fire up Pope slapping on the ring apron. Pope comes back with a big DDT. Pope with a series of strikes to Abyss and then a big forearm takedown. Pope with an inverted atomic drop and shoulder block takedown on Abyss. Pope with a kick to Abyss’ knee and big right hands. Pope continues with right hands as Abyss goes down. Abyss with a big elbow drop after springboarding off the corner.

Abyss with the Shock Treatment on Pope. Pope counters a chokeslam attempt and dumps Abyss to the outside. The Congregation goes to work hitting and kicking Abyss. Pope goes up top and takes out Abyss off the top. Abyss is rolled back in the ring and Pope again goes up top with a diving headbutt over the ribs of Abyss. Cover by Pope and Abyss kicks out after two. Pope with big elbows to the head of Abyss along with some big chops. Abyss drops back over the ropes and Pope drops his body off over the back of Abyss falling through the ropes. Pope high fives with members of the Congregation. Eric Bischoff then appears at the top of the ramp smiling. Pope is confused. Pope’s brother Kevin, who is part of the Congregation, takes out Pope and the Congregation starts the beatdown on Pope on the entrance ramp. Pope’s brother Kevin tosses him back in the ring where Abyss is up and ready for Pope. Abyss with a Black Hole Slam on Pope, covers and gets the pinfall. Pope’s brother Kevin looks on smiling.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, Abyss heads to the back laughing with the Congregation.

Backstage, Christy Hemme tries to get word from EV2. Stevie Richards walks out and Christy wants word with Sabu. Richards said Sabu isn’t talking to anyone right now, but challenges AJ Styles to a match this Thursday on Impact.

A video package runs highlighting Jeff Jarrett joining The Immortals and turning on Samoa Joe at Bound for Glory.

* Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe is up next.