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(1) Robbie E., Cookie and Generation Me d. Jay Lethal, Velvet Sky and the Motorcity Machine Guns.

– Backstage Jarrett orders Gunner and Murphy to make sure that Kurt Angle doesn’t show up tonight.

(2) Abyss vs Shannon Moore in a casket match ends in a no contest when Pope gets involved. Abyss opened the casket to put Moore in it but Pope was inside.

– Jeff Jarrett comes out with a few random geeks and does an “MMA” demonstration. Samoa Joe shows up wants Jarrett and he says he must go through his students to get a match with him. Joe then beats two random jobbers very easy. Angle shows up and Jarrett runs away.

(3) Jeff Hardy d. Raven in a match where if Raven lost he would be fired.

– Tommy Dreamer and RVD call out Rhino and ask for an explanation as to why he turned on them last week. Rhino said his contract was up and Bischoff told him he wouldn’t re-sign him unless he joined Immortal so he did. Rhino then laid out both Dreamer and Van Dam.

(4) Mickie James d. Angelina Love in a no. 1 contenders match for the Knockouts Title.

– Brother Ray came out and explained why he turned on Devon. He said he was the HBK of the team while Devon was the Marty Jannetty and always held them down.

(5) Matt Morgan d. Ric Flair with help from Douglas Williams.