TNA Reaction
November 11, 2010
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of

TNA Impact spilled over to Reaction with Matt Morgan arguing with Ric Flair on the ring apron in the middle of the main event handicap match of Morgan vs. Beer Money and Doug Williams. Morgan decked Flair to start off Reaction, then caught Williams off the ropes for a Scott Hall-style fallaway slam. Beer Money and Flair took off in the interim, essentially bailing on Williams. That prompted Morgan to drop Williams with the Carbon Footprint for the pin and the win. “Sonofabitch!” Bischoff shouted from the announce desk with Morgan now in line for a TNA Title re-match.

Jeff Hardy then appeared on the video screen. He talked about The Power being in the human mind. Suddenly, Jeff Hardy snuck in the back door attacking Morgan from behind. Hardy then hit the Twist of Hate and climbed up top to deliver the Swanton Bomb. Hardy adjusted his purple tie, then held up his new purple TNA Title belt in a heelish way. They cut to Morgan selling on the mat while Hardy stared down at him.

Tonight on Reaction: Immortal owned Turning Point, but will their control of TNA last? Bischoff said it felt good to “trash that piece of crap” TNA Title belt. Hogan said it’s getting real and people need to get over, draw money, or sell PPVs. “Get over or get out,” he said. And that means nothing on this show. They cut to Matt Morgan saying he pinned Jeff Hardy fair and square at Turning Point, but “crap happens” sometimes. Hardy said the giant is apparently awake and he wants a re-match, but he’ll be preparing to take him down.

Team 3D: Brother Ray attacked Brother Devon on Impact, restarting their feud for the fifth time this year. They cut to Devon holding his head backstage afterward with tears in his eyes. Devon said he can’t believe Ray attacked him like he’s “some sort of stranger.” Devon couldn’t get any more words out and walked away.

EV2: Rob Van Dam thought someone was turning on him and he turned out to be right that it was Rhino. He said Tommy Dreamer should have known. Dreamer showed off his latest injury said he’s going to get Rhino.

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Hogan: Backstage, Hogan said he’s reinventing wrestling by taking top talent and aligning them together to “refocus them,” put a tag on them, give them direction, and “make wrestling live forever.” Hardy said he was so grateful for Hogan’s title belt gift. Bischoff said you have to start over from the beginning. He said one of the things about taking over TNA was creating a new TNA Title belt and not utilizing what the “old hillbilly version of Tee-en-aa” represented.

Hardy said he is above and beyond professional wrestling. He said he is more of a Pro than anyone else in TNA. Hardy said if anyone takes the title from him, that person is taking his art and his mind. He said things are about to get more intense because RVD wants his title back. He used to look up to RVD, but he became more popular and is above him now. Maybe some jealously led to this turn, but he’ll give RVD his chance. As for Mr. Anderson, he’ll get his shot, but he better look out. What about Morgan? Hardy said he accomplished the impossible by “breaking the giant down” and annihilating him.

Morgan talked. He said he doesn’t think Hardy is a good champion. Morgan said one thing in this sport is you don’t forget who you are. He complemented Hardy on being an icon to the fans, but said all of a sudden turning on them is a mistake. Morgan said his beef is he shouldn’t forget who made him a star. He said there have been nights when Hardy was getting the crap beat out of him, but reached out to the crowd for that extra burst of energy. Now, he’s turned his back on this people. Solid babyface promo.

Still to come: a break down of Team 3D’s latest split.

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Three weeks ago: Matt Morgan was part of Ric Flair and Fortune, but the issue of wrestler safety turned Morgan against Immortal. Morgan said what happened at Turning Point was pretty simple. He did his job pinning Hardy one, two, three, but crap happens when the ref was out of position. Morgan said he didn’t get screwed over and the referee made a rookie mistake. Earlier tonight, Morgan earned a re-match against Hardy.

Fortune backstage: Robert Roode said they went out there trying to take care of Matt Morgan, who turned his back on his Immortal/Fortune family. At the end of the day, it wasn’t him or James Storm who lost the match, but Doug Williams. Roode said he thinks the blame goes to Williams. And Flair is upset. Roode said Doug needs to prove himself being part of Fortune. Roode shook his protein shake and said Doug has to deal with Flair now. They cut to Kazarian, who said Doug doesn’t see the big picture right now. Kaz said Fortune’s family values are Fortune takes care of Fortune and they’ll eventually have all the gold in TNA. He said the Fortune Train is coming and everyone else needs to get off the track.

Was Jeff Hardy’s attack on Matt Morgan enough to take down Morgan or wake a sleeping giant? Morgan said he pinned Jeff before and he can pin him again. Morgan said when they both go to sleep at night, they both know Morgan was the better man at Turning Point. Morgan said he’ll wrestle Hardy in TLC, a bathroom stall, or in the parking lot. They cut to Hardy saying Morgan doesn’t want to step into his comfort zone.

Still to come: Team 3D discussion and Tommy Dreamer shows off his injuries.

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Team 3D feature: There was nothing left for them to prove and their match at Turning Point was to be their last. The foreshadowing from Ray at Bound for Glory: “Team 3D will be no more.” And, why? Ray turned on Devon on Impact following their unsuccessful TNA Tag Title challenge at Turning Point. After clips of Ray scowling at Devon after turning on him, Devon was shown talking backstage. He said he took the heat for Ray all these years and for him to turn on him like that – there are no words.

They cut to Jason Hervey catching up with Brother Ray wanting a word with him. Ray tried to act tough throwing Hervey against the wall to give Hervey his first face time. Hervey told him to get his hands off him. Hervey said he wants to know why he turned on Devon. Ray said because Devon is weak. He’s always been weak and he cost them the tag title match at the PPV. They cut to Beer Money saying they almost cried…because Storm wanted to retire “those two fat boys.” Storm said it was ridiculous they called themselves the best tag team of all time…maybe if they were in their own weight division.

Will Team 3D’s legacy be tarnished? Devon said Ray has always had it coming for him, but he always gave Ray a pass. Now, it’s personal with one brother vs. another. Devon said he’s going to find out the real reason…and why now.

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EV2 feature: Dissension has been the name of the game lately in EV2. RVD said he’s been looking at the agents, the bookers, management, and the lady who serves lunch trying to see who he can trust. He said they figured out Jeff Hardy, but sometimes you have to test the limit on others by not giving away too much trust to everyone. RVD said when he’s at work, he’s suspicious. At Turning Point, RVD vs. Dreamer went on and on and on. RVD said there was a lot of emotion involved in the match because they’re both competitors. He said he thought Dreamer was setting him up, but he doesn’t know what’s real and not real anymore. RVD said he apologized to Dreamer, but apparently he wasn’t so far off anyways when Rhino turned on him. RVD said Dreamer should have known. Will Rhino’s “sudden betrayal” destroy EV2? RVD said there’s not much left of EV2 to destroy. He said all of them at Hardcore Justice were nothing more than a spirit that certain people appreciate. And that won’t change. As far as the “band” of EV2, there’s nothing left.

Backstage: Tommy Dreamer said there’s a lot of talk about chair shots to the back these days, but he took a blow to the back. Dreamer flipped up his shirt to show off his scarred back from Rhino and said he’s going to get him.

X Division Title: They transitioned to Jay Lethal saying he feels like he was supposed to be facing Robbie E., but the whole time, he’s been facing Cookie. He said Taylor Wilde tried to help him out, but they’re street smart and Wilde is Canadian. Lethal said he needs someone equally dirty. He said he doesn’t know what to do. Lethal vowed to regain the X Division Title, whether it’s tomorrow or in three weeks. Not only that, he’s guaranteeing he takes that belt off Cookie because Robbie E. doesn’t hold it.

They cut to Cookie saying if Robbie is the X champ, she’s the X champ. If she’s Knockouts champion, he’s Knockouts champion. Robbie didn’t like the sound of that. Back to Lethal saying he needs to start thinking dirty and having a little edge to him. Lethal said if he can get his hands on Cookie – legally – he’s going to do it. Back to Robbie saying Cookie should have slapped Lethal. Lethal said the fact that Robbie holds the X Title burns a hole in his soul and upsets the fans. He’s fighting an internal struggle to slap Cookie, so he needs to find someone who can.

Up Next: Beer Money talks tag titles.

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Backstage: Rhino said a lot of things changed at Turning Point. Sabu lost his job. They’re down one member of EV2. They cut to Beer Money saying it’s no longer TNA, but “Immortal.” Storm said they’re done with the old TNA and it’s on with the new TNA. Roode said they have Hogan, Flair, Jarrett, Hardy, Styles, Abyss, and them. “There’s no stopping us.”

They cut to Abyss saying Dixie Carter is out, gone, fired, terminated, and exterminated. When they stood in the ring together and Hogan held up the TNA Title and dropped the belt in the trash, which he said has held down TNA for seven years (actually, the NWA Title belt preceded the TNA Title belt in TNA, but who’s counting at this point?), it was the end of the Dixie Carter Era in TNA.

Kazarian said Hogan knows PPV buys, TV ratings, and selling tickets. They cut to Hogan saying they needed to “get real” with wrestling because there are no more Hogans or Andre the Giants or larger-than-life characters. He said they need wrestlers who will “drink their own sweat to survive.” He said if they can’t draw, can’t create a buzz, or people tune out when they’re on TV, then leave TNA. Hogan said if you can’t draw, then “go up North” with fake storylines and fake wrestlers. (So ironic and laughable this whole segment is about the “end of the first TNA era,” yet they’re still using the regional promotion “up North” verbiage that pigeonholed TNA in the early days.)

Next Thursday: Is Morgan down for the count or will he get his revenge against Jeff Hardy? Morgan said he has empathy for how RVD lost his title, but mistakes happen, there are speed bumps, and stuff happens. Morgan said it’s about seizing an opportunity. He said he just pinned Jeff Hardy, but RVD didn’t pin him. Morgan said the ref messed up and he gets that, but he deserves a re-match.

Is Team 3D’s retirement ending with friction? Ray said everyone is weak. He was shown screaming at Hervey again before walking by RVD, who was doing his martial arts warm-ups. They cut to RVD in the locker room saying he wishes he could read people’s minds. He said he’s been forced to think about a lot of things he normally wouldn’t think about. End show.

Enzo’s TNA Power Rankings:

1) AJ Styles
2) Madison Rayne
3) Rob Van Dam
4) Doug Williams
5) Jeff Hardy
6) Chris Sabin
7) Matt Morgan
8) Rob Terry
9) Alex Shelley
10) Tara

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