SPOILERS: TNA Impact for Thanksgiving night

Report courtesy of John Benoit and PWInsider:

TNA is taping Impact for Thanksgiving evening tonight at the Impact Zone in Florida. Complete spoilers:
*The main event will be Fortune vs. Matt Morgan & Douglas Williams and two others to be named.

*Fortune will also be having a Thanksgiving celebration with Dixie Carter as the special guest.

*The Impact Zone is decorated for Thanksgiving with pumpkin on the stage. The announcing booth is decorated for the holiday along with a special TNA Impact background with falling leaves and a turkey on the big screen.

*Tommy Dreamer pinned Rhino in a Street Fight after Dreamer sidestepped and hit Rhino with a bake pan and got the rollup. Post-match, Dreamer cuts a heated promo on Rhino trying to make amends. Rhino fakes it and makes up with Dreamer then picks up and slams Dreamer though a table. Rob Van Dam comes out to make the save and cuts a promo saying at Van Dam vs. Rhino in a Extreme First Blood match.

*Matt Morgan asks Samoa Joe to be his partner tonight and Joe agrees to join the team.

*Jeff Jarrett will be in an MMA competition tonight.

*Matt Morgan asks Pope Dinero to join the team and he turns it down, but is then talked into it by Douglas Williams.

*Jeff Jarrett vs. Jesse Neal in a MMA competition. They were both dressed in their wrestling gear. The match opened with very basic MMA moves by both men but apparently wrestling rules apply in this MMA fight because Jesse got to the ropes and the ref broke the hold. About mid-way, it turned to a wrestling match. The ref was bumped and Jarrett used a guitar shot on Neal. He locked Neal in a rear naked choke and the referee called for the bell. Shannon Moore hit the ring to chase off Jarrett.

*Brother Ray, with new music ans entrance video, cut a heel promo on Devon being the weak link. He said people were upset at all the things Ray said so he showed proof with a video of Devon getting beat up by different opponents. He then showed another video showing himself in a positive light. Ray promised he and Devon will have a face to face next week.

*Tara and Mickie James brawl into a segment backstage involving Ric Flair and the Beautiful People, then keep brawling out.

*Sarita pinned Madison Rayne.

*Fortune vs. Team Morgan in an Elimination Match. James storm is the first guy eliminated. Douglas Williams eliminates kaz. Pope and Joe get into it with each other and brawl to the back, leaving it two to two. Robert Roode eliminates Williams so Morgan is left to fend for himself vs Styles and Roode. Morgan was about to carbon footprint Roode but Jeff Hardy comes down and low blows Morgan then knocks out the referee, so it’s a no contest.

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