TNA Reaction
November 18, 2010
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of

TNA Impact spilled over to Reaction with the continuation of Matt Morgan vs. Ric Flair in the TV main event. Flair was, to the surprise of no one, bleeding from the forehead and the ref was bumped. Morgan called for a chokeslam and connected. Fortune then hit the ring and beat down Morgan while Doug Williams stood in the background. Styles finally turned to Williams and asked him what’s up. Williams then grabbed Styles and popped him before headbutting Kazarian and dumping Storm to the outside. Williams shoved Roode, who then took a discus clothesline from Morgan.

Morgan cleared Fortune from the ring, then it was back to Morgan vs. Flair. Morgan did a big Sting flex in Flair’s face, which prompted Flair to back off. Morgan then shot off Flair to the ropes and kind of hit the Carbon Footprint for the win with Flair slow to rebound off the ropes. Morgan with the pin and he gets Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution. Afterward, Morgan gave a shout-out to Williams while Flair recovered on the outside.

Tonight: Raven has lost his job in TNA. How will this affect EV2? They cut to hyperbolic Hulk Hogan saying they’re finally trimming the fat around here. And Jeff Jarrett upset Samoa Joe on Impact. Jarrett said he’ll give Joe what he wants on “PPV Sunday.” Also, more from Pope talking about his feud with Abyss, plus a look-back at Matt Morgan officially becoming #1 contender. They cut to Styles saying they’re down to the Core Four. Also, the Guns vs. GenMe in a match with no fans around.

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EV2 feature: EV2 has been falling apart since Hardcore Justice. Sabu is gone. Raven is gone. Tommy Dreamer said it’s not like baseball or football with 30 teams because there are only two teams out there. Dreamer said it sucks he doesn’t know if he’ll be seeing them again. They cut to Raven sarcastically answering the question of how he’s feeling right now. Raven said he wanted to do it one more and if his body holds up, he’ll do it again. He said the deck was stacked against him. Raven said the ring is his canvas and he needs millions of people watching him paint. He said he’ll still wrestle, but it won’t be the same.

Stevie Richards said TNA has lost one of the top stars and one of the great architects in wrestling. Raven said there are 20 guys who wouldn’t be here without him. He said this is what he wants to be doing.

Back to Hulk Hogan talking about trimming the fat. He said it’s pathetic that Dixie would let the company get into this shape. Raven?! RVD and the whole crew? Hogan claimed he sold out Shea Stadium again. I think he actually believes that lie by now. He said it’s no wonder TNA was in the shape it was in allowing trash and garbage to be part of the company. Hogan said they’re getting real. “It’s so real,” he said. “If you don’t get over, if you don’t draw money, you’re fired.” Hogan said he doesn’t care about “kayfabe” or winning fake title belts (mocking Team 3D) and said he doesn’t care about that stuff anymore if you can’t make money for TNA.

Dreamer questioned management and said he will continue to fight until his body is broken. He said he’ll be here as long as they’ll have him.

Up next: Jarrett talks Joe and Guns vs. GenMe in a fake wrestling match.

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Impact Flashback: Jeff Jarrett has a “new love” of MMA to taunt Samoa Joe. The camera caught up with Jarrett backstage looking at the monitor wanting to watch playback on MMA exhibition. They cut to Joe saying Jarrett could have the U.S. military out there and he would go through all of them. Joe ripped his hair out thinking about Jarrett claiming to have mastered the Anklelock and rear naked choke. Joe said Jarrett is lying to himself about having substance in his life. Jarrett said he knows what’s best for Joe and the fans. He said the right time, right place is PPV Sunday when you make the fans pay to see the fight.

Joe said Jarrett didn’t face him tonight because he can’t beat him one-on-one. Joe said he will hurt and punish Jarrett to where he’ll have to walk with a limp for months. Jarrett said he doesn’t care if the fans chant, “Angle, Angle,” as long as they’re here.
Goon Squad Gunner & Murphy were shown guarding the production area to prevent Kurt Angle from entering the building. They said Angle needs to be true to his word and go retire. Angle needs to leave everyone alone. Shatter said he would take a bullet for the Jarrett, Bischoff, Hogan to block Angle from entering the production door. Back to Jarrett shutting down any discussion of Kurt Angle.

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Earlier tonight: Abyss took on Shannon Moore looking to put him in a casket, but The Pope showed up as a surprise for Abyss. Moore said he saw an opportunity to show he’s a player. Abyss said he has goals and a directive, and Moore was lucky to escape by the skin on his nose. Abyss said he’ll take care of Moore eventually. Back to Moore saying he lives a lifestyle of DILLIGAF. He’s not afraid to face anyone and he’ll fight to the end. Moore then thanked Pope, who was like, “Who are you?” before saying he doesn’t need to thank him.

Back to Abyss pacing around. He said Pope wants to play head games and he made a gigantic mistake. Pope said his blood lines were twisted and tangled and Immortal had the right price for his brother to sell out. He was way too casual recapping his brother turning on him. Back to Abyss saying he came up with Janice and Bob, but he’ll come up with something else for Pope. Back to Pope saying he’s getting rid of the piss stain known A-Piss. Back to Abyss, who threatened to blow up Pope or kill him or something.

Matt Morgan feature: What does Morgan beating Ric Flair mean for the future of Fortune? The Core Four said it’s where it should be. Morgan said he wasn’t walking into facing Flair acting star-struck because he had a gameplan. Morgan said he was motivated by being able to name the special referee at Final Resolution for his title shot. Back to the Core Four saying Doug Williams just wrote his own ticket to the outhouse.

Williams walked over to Morgan and shook hands. Williams complemented him on standing up for what he believes in. Core Four said they are stronger than ever. Williams said they aren’t going to let four punks ride on Flair’s coattails. He said he finally had enough of the Core Four. Morgan thanked him. Back to the C4 saying they will break necks and cash checks like always. Styles promised to take care of Doug Williams himself. Suddenly, Williams came walking down the hallway. Fortune then chased him into the Soundstage and they cut to footage of what’s still to come tonight.

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Empty Impact Zone: Motor City Machineguns started clearing the Impact Zone of chairs in a very arena setting. Motor City Machineguns met them in the empty arena setting and a fight was on. Well, a simulated wrestling match. The Guns dominated the proceedings. Suddenly, Taz’s voice came over the air narrating the action. GenMe then took control of the fight before Taz came back on the air and was scripted to say it’s “unique we’re doing something like this.” Presenting a wrestling match, just trying to make it look not fake? GenMe continued to dominate the scrap as Tenay and Taz chimed in once in a while with “non-fake wrestling announcer” serious tone commentary. Sabin landed an inside-out clothesline before clearing GenMe from the ring, then the Guns hit double suicide dives on the outside. The idea was to capture the “flesh hitting concrete” and “physical nature of wrestling” type elements to make the wrestlers seem tougher, apparently, despite them still going through a simulated wrestling match, just dressed up differently.

All four men began selling injuries before the Guns put Jeremy through a table with the Skull & Bones double-team finisher. The Guns then tied Max in the corner and vowed to kill him. Max pleaded with Jeremy to get up. Sabin then landed a kick strike in the corner. Shelley with a kick strike. Sabin with another. Shelley with a kick. Max spit in their faces and told them to bring it. This was very intense to the point of being uncomfortable. A double kick strike later and Max slumped to the mat. Shelley sold a knee injury before Sabin checked on him to end the bit.

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Next Thursday on Thanksgiving Impact: What does the future hold for Fortune now that Flair has lost? Roode tried to talk through the issues. Storm said Williams is a dead man. And Morgan and Williams think they’re bigger than what they are. Back to Joe saying nothing may have been resolved tonight, but maybe he doesn’t need to chase Jarrett as much anymore. He said every day Jarrett wakes up and considers himself an MMA fighter, it’s a good day for him. On the day Jarrett wakes up and has to fight him, he hopes Jarrett is fully convinced he’s the next Gracie. Back to Abyss, who vowed to kill Pope. Pope said he went out there tonight hunting for Abyss. Who will be Bischoff and Hogan’s dinner guest on Turkey Day Impact? And will EV2 lose another member?

They cut to Raven saying he never saw this saw coming and never thought Jeff Hardy could beat him. Raven said it’s already sunk in that he misses this place. Raven said there’s no denial, just grief. He said money is money, but the camaraderie and thrill of being in the ring – he paused and said he can’t even think of the words to say. Raven said he’s done and sadly walked off before turning around to take another look at the Impact Zone. Raven did a big sigh and sadly walked off.

Jeff Hardy had the final word saying his job tonight was to take out the trash, Raven, per Hulk Hogan’s orders. Hardy said he went in there hardcore and his face is TNA. “Remember that,” he said. Hardy said he gets shit done around here. He said Hogan told him to get rid of Raven and one by one they’re going to get rid of everyone.

Enzo’s thoughts on the closed arena match

Ambitious and intense getting over the feud, but more of that inferiority complex presentation from TNA trying to “make it seem real, for real.” Just present the product consistently with a straight face. Otherwise, it just cancels itself out.

Enzo’s TNA Power Rankings:

1) AJ Styles (-)
2) Madison Rayne (-)
3) Rob Van Dam (-)
4) Doug Williams (-)
5) Jeff Hardy (-)
6) Matt Morgan (+1)
7) Chris Sabin (-1)
8) Rob Terry (-)
9) Alex Shelley (-)
10) Tara (-)

As always, thanks for reading, never hesitate to hit me up with any comments questions or anything else and I hope to see everyone next week!