During an appearance on “Geek Week Live” on Tuesday, Mick Foley stated that he isn’t planning on re-signing with TNA when his contract expires with the company next year.

“I love the idea of having a part-time job that pays well. TNA has been a real blessing in that sense. I would rather be motivated, but it’s still nice in this economy to have a job like that. That will expire in eight or nine months. The chances of that relationship continuing are probably not that good. Once you have Hulk Hogan as the face of your company, there’s no need for me. And one of the challenges they have on their show, and I understand completely, is there’s only so much room for the non-wrestling talker every week, and I had a lot of time to do that for a year and a half.”

Foley later went on to say that he expects part of his life to always be involved in wrestling and wouldn’t be surprised to receive a call about the WWE Hall of Fame at some point. He also expressed disappointment with TNA not airing any footage of his appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and Stewart’s “Rally for Sanity.”

“I’ve been beating myself up and it’s frustrating because I can’t seem to get the decision makers in TNA to realize that it is a big deal to show me in front of 250,000 fans at the Jon Stewart rally and to show the reaction of the crowd. What I’m getting when I ask these questions is a lot of what WCW was. With WWE, we knew that’s who you talk to, and so it’s very frustrating. I will eventually throw up my hands and just say, ‘Okay, I’ll walk to the mailbox every two weeks.'”

Foley added that he doesn’t plan on wrestling more often as he gets hurt too easy and “it’s not worth the extra tenth of a rating point.”

Source: Jason Powell and Prowrestling.net