Falls Count Anywhere Match
Mickie James vs. Tara

Tara leaves the ring and taunts at Mickie James to fight out here. James agrees and Tara goes after her with big elbows. Tara tries to bail over the guard rail and James crotches her on it. James with an early pinfall for a one count. James with chest chops to Tara. James then sends Tara into the guard railing. James with a big missile dropkick off the top turnbuckle. Tara fights back with chops and right hands on James in the corner. Tara starts choking James with her boot. Tara sends James into the corner that sends her flying to the floor. James then goes under the ring. Tara searches for her and James comes out on the other side. James dropkicks Tara to the floor and then connects with a baseball slide when Tara gets back up. Tara fires back with big right hands and slap. Tara grabs James by the hair and tosses her over the guard railing. Tara sends James face first into a steel chair among the crowd and goes for a pinfall resulting in a two count. James then sends Tara into a steel structure holding up part of the set. James starts choking Tara up against a wall hitting a big knee. Tara comes back with knees of her own and then sends James into a trash can. Tara sends James into the area outside the Soundstage into an area full of wheel chairs. They continue to brawl near concession as James grabs water and squirts it in the face of Tara. Tenay said the camera work is making him sea sick.

They are doing constant zooming in and out the whole time like Reaction. James grabs Tara by the hair and yells, “Come on bitch!” More brawling between the ladies as James back body drops Tara over the concrete. Cover and James gets a two count. Tara fights back with right hands and a big kick to the stomach. They continue to brawl near the theme park area of Universal Studios as James sends Tara into a bunch of trash cans. James with a quick rollup out of no where for a two count. Tara grabs James by the hair and sends her into a cement wall. James with a Lou Thesz Press leaping off part of a dumpster over Tara. Tara rolls away and then sends James into the men’s room. This gets a huge reaction from the crowd in the Impact Zone. Two guys are in the bathroom and run out quickly. We then see a guy in a stall taking care of business. He runs away. Taz said, “He didn’t even wash his hands!” It appears James put Tara’s head in a toilet in a stall. One of the stalls open and Madison Rayne sprays James with a fire extinguisher. Tara yells for the referee and covers James to get the win.

Winner: Tara

After the match, Madison Rayne celebrates with Tara.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with TNA X Division Champion Robbie E. Robbie talks about his match with Jay Lethal tonight. Cookie said she refuses to be put in the shark cage. Robbie said there is nothing to worry about.

* Robbie E defending the TNA X Division Championship against Jay Lethal is up next. Cookie will be put in a shark cage so she can’t interfere.