TNA Tag Team Championships – Full Metal Mayhem
The Motor City Machineguns (c) vs. Generation Me

The Guns run out right away to go after Generation Me. Jeremy Buck with a facebuster and moonsault off the ring apron taking out both members of The Guns. Max Buck with right hands to Chris Sabin in the ring. Jeremy has a table setup on the outside. Max holds up Sabin allowing Jeremy to hit a kick to the gut and DDT combo. Max with a leap to the outside taking out Alex Shelley. Max remains against the ropes after Sabin takes out Jeremy and then hits Max with a big kick. Jeremy tosses the face of Shelley over a steel chair. Jeremy puts a steel chair under the top rope. Jeremy grabs another chair and launches it in the face of Shelley and follows with a dropkick to the face. Max and Jeremy grab a ladder and The Guns execute a double baseball slide into both. Max with a chair shot to Sabin when he attempts a suicide dive. Max then hits Shelley in the knees with the steel chair as well. Shelley brings the ladder in and pushes Jeremy into the corner with it. Max cuts of Shelley and powerbombs him into the ladder. Jeremy then climbs up on the top turnbuckle and comes down across Shelley with the ladder. Max sets up the ladder under the belts. Jeremy climbs up and Max cuts off Shelley. Jeremy gets to the top, reaches up, but Sabin is back in to pull him down. Max floats over with Sabin catching his legs, starts climbing up the ladder using his hands and Jeremy breaks it up dropkicking Sabin in the back.

The ladder falls over, Max sets it up again and Shelley pulls him down. Shelley with a dragon screw on Max in the ladder sending it tipping over. Max is sandwiched inside the ladder and Sabin stomps down over it. Sabin launches Jeremy over the ladder with Max still inside. Shelley follows that up with a bulldog on Jeremy over the ladder as well. Sabin sets up the ladder and gets tossed off. Max puts Shelley up on the top turnbuckle. Sabin dropkicks Jeremy into the corner near the ladder. Max is tied up in the tree of woe by Shelley. Sabin tosses a chair at Shelley, Shelley holds it over the face of Max and Sabin hits his hesitation dropkick. Sabin drags Jeremy next to Max, puts a ladder and chairs over them and Shelley with a double foot stomp off the top. The Guns setup the ladder and Shelley climbs up. Shelley can’t reach the belts, so he leaves and grabs another ladder along with Sabin. They put two of the ladders on each end to hold up the middle ladder. All four men are climbing up to the top of the three ladders. Sabin takes a big kick from Jeremy. Sabin then lifts up Max, Shelley tosses a chair at him, Max catches it and Shelley hits a kneebuster to the face right into the steel chair. The Guns bring a table into the mix. They place the table over the top of the three ladders. Sabin with a springboard crossbody over Jeremy who was on the shoulders of Shelley on the outside.

Max puts Sabin over another table and spits in his face. Shelley catches Jeremy with a big superkick. Shelley with a Sliced Bread off the ring apron on Jeremy through a table on the outside. Max has a chair in hand as well as Sabin. Both climb up to the top of the table over the three ladders. They swing with their chairs. Both connect. Max gets the chair knocked out of his hand. Sabin kicks Max, cracks a chair over his back and Max falls back to the mat below crashing through a table. Sabin stands up and pulls the belts down.

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machineguns

After the match, we get a replay of highlights of the match leading to the finish.

A video package runs highlighting Abyss vs. D’Angelo Dinero last month at Turning Point with Eric Bischoff paying The Pope’s brother.

* Abyss vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero in a Casket match is up next.