Casket Match
Abyss vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Pope goes after Abyss right away with a series of kicks and body shots. Abyss cuts him off with a big knee. The referee opens up the casket, Pope puts on the brakes when he is tossed through the ropes and comes back in to go after Abyss. Abyss tosses him back out and Pope trips up Abyss pulling him out. Pope sends Abyss into the steel steps. Pope with big knees to the head of Abyss. Pope gets near the casket and Abyss cuts him off tossing him back in the ring. Pope with a splash in the corner on Abyss. Pope hits the ropes and bulldogs Abyss. Pope goes up top, but Abyss walks up and tosses Pope over the top of the casket. Pope grabs his lower back in pain. Back in the ring, Abyss connects with a big splash on Pope in the corner. Abyss calls for the casket to be opened. Abyss picks up Pope, Pope fights off Abyss, crawls under the legs of Abyss and dropkicks him through the ropes. Abyss stands in the casket, but gets back up on the ring apron. Abyss headbutts Pope away in the ring. Abyss with forearm shots to the back. Abyss with a big side slam on Pope. Abyss tries to dump Pope into the casket, but Pope stands on the ring apron. Abyss then headbutts Pope and Pope falls in the casket. Pope is in and all Abyss has to do is close it. Pope gets his foot up and kicks Abyss away. Pope with a big leg sweep takedown on Abyss. Pope with an inverted atomic drop twice on Abyss.

Pope with a bulldog coming off the second rope. Pope pushes and kicks Abyss towards the casket. Pope rolls Abyss in. As Pope goes to close it, Abyss gets his arm up and chokes Pope. Abyss rolls back in the ring, Pope hits the ropes and Abyss connects with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss kicks and rolls Pope inside the casket. As Abyss closes it, Pope gets his hands up to block it from closing. Pope rolls back in the ring and lights up Abyss with some right hands. Pope drops the knee pads and connects with his DDE to the back of Abyss in the corner. Pope starts pushing Abyss under the bottom rope into the casket. Pope rolls out to close the casket, but Abyss punches a hole in the casket and low blows Pope. Pope screams out in pain and rolls back in the ring. We see a shot of Abyss’ bloody hand after punching out the hole in the casket. Pope tries to clothesline Abyss back into the casket, but Abyss holds on. Abyss pulls Pope over the top rope to the ring apron. Abyss with a chokeslam to Pope right into the casket. Abyss slams the casket shut.

Winner: Abyss

Backstage, baby referee Hebner is giving instructions to Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett for the submission match. Gunner and Murphy then run up and attack Joe.

They start playing a video package focusing on Jeff Hardy for some reason. This cuts and we go back live to the Impact Zone. We then go into a video package hyping Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett in a submission match. Lots of production issues tonight.

* Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett in a Submission match is up next.