Submission Match
Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett

Samoa Joe walked out limping. TNA staff tried to get Joe to not wrestle, but he shrugged them off. Jarrett yells, “How is that ankle feeling Joe?” Jarrett side steps Joe, stomps on his bad ankle and drops him with a big right hand. Joe stays on his back and challenges Jarrett to come in his guard. Jarrett jumps in, throws some rights and Joe floats over into an armbar. Jarrett gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Joe with a takedown and goes for a submission when Jarrett grabs the bottom rope with his feet. Joe with big right hand jabs to Jarrett in the corner. Jarrett rolls away, trips up Joe and slams Joe’s bad ankle into the steel ring post. Jarrett gets back in the ring and applies an ankle lock. Joe with a series of chops to Jarrett and rolls through into leg submission. Jarrett grabs the bottom rope to break it up. Joe with an inverted DDT, right hand that drops Jarrett and a back splash combo. Joe with a reverse armbar applied on Jarrett. Joe hits the ropes, Jarrett jumps up, Joe catches Jarrett in the air and executes a big powerbomb. Joe then rolls Jarrett over into a texas cloverleaf. Jarrett reaches out and gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Jarrett then bails to the outside. Joe with a rear naked choke on Jarrett. Jarrett taps out, but they are on the outside. The referee tells Joe he needs Jarrett to tap in the ring, not outside of it. In the ring, Joe applies another armbar on Jarrett. Jarrett taps out, but Jarrett had his leg under the bottom rope. Joe with his slam in the corner on Jarrett. Joe puts Jarrett on the top rope and drops him with the Muscle Buster. Joe with a rear naked choke on Jarrett. Gunner and Murphy hit the ring. They distract the referee on the ring apron. Joe takes out both on the ring apron with a right hand and kick to the head. Jarrett with an ankle lock on Joe on the bad ankle. Joe reaches out and grabs the referee’s shirt. Joe is screaming out in pain. Joe appears to verbally submit. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Mr. Anderson. She asks if he will call things down the middle tonight. Anderson asks why he would do that after what Jeff Hardy did to him. Matt Morgan walks up and wants the match made a No DQ tonight since everyone knows that Immortal and Fortune will interfere. Anderson said he will call things right down the middle tonight adding, “Well, like an asshole would.”

A video package runs highlighting Jeff Hardy’s reign as TNA Champion and his match with Matt Morgan tonight.

* Jeff Hardy defending the TNA Championship against Matt Morgan with Mr. Anderson as the special guest referee is up next.