TNA Heavyweight Championship – No DQ Rules
Special guest referee: Mr. Anderson
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Matt Morgan

Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challenger Matt Morgan and champion Jeff Hardy.

Matt Morgan works over Jeff Hardy early on. Morgan chokes Hardy over the top rope, hits the ropes and drops his body over Hardy as special guest referee Mr. Anderson looks on. Morgan with a leg drop over Hardy on the ring apron. They brawl a bit on the outside and Anderson tells them to get it back in the ring. Both roll back in and Hardy applies a headlock keeping Morgan grounded. Morgan fights to his feet, Hardy with right hands, Morgan brushes them off, Hardy catches Morgan with an elbow, but misses his Whisper in the Wind when Morgan moves out of the way. Morgan drops Hardy with a series of clotheslines. Morgan with a splash in the corner and follows with a big side slam. Morgan with his spinning clothesline, cover and gets a two count. Hardy hits the Twist of Hate out of no where, cover and Morgan gets a shoulder barely up after two. Hardy hits the ropes and Morgan catches Hardy with Carbon Footprint. Morgan favors his leg after hitting the big boot. He drops down and covers Hardy for a two count. Morgan lifts up Hardy, but Hardy floats through and gets a Twist of Hate. Hook of the leg and Morgan kicks out after two. Hardy with a Swanton, but Morgan gets part of his knees up during Hardy’s landing. Hardy then leaves the ring and flips off Morgan. Referee Mr. Anderson starts the count. Hardy counts along with him. When Anderson gets to nine, he stops himself and gets in Hardy’s face at the top of the ramp.

Hardy pie faces Anderson. Hardy then slaps Anderson. Anderson with a right hand and more. Anderson tosses Hardy back in the ring. Morgan with a rollup and Hardy barely kicks out after two. Hardy with kicks to the bad leg of Morgan and then a Twist of Hate. Hardy hooks the leg. Anderson takes his time. Anderson with a slow count. Right before he counts three, Anderson keeps his arm up and this allows Morgan to get a shoulder up. Hardy is frustrated. Hardy bails out of the ring and grabs a steel chair under the ring. When Morgan leans out through the ropes, Hardy cracks his leg with the steel chair. Hardy attempts a Twist of Hate, but Morgan counters and pushes Hardy into Anderson for a ref bump. Morgan with a Carbon Footprint on Hardy. Morgan hooks the leg, but Anderson is out on the outside. Eric Bischoff walks down the ramp with referee Jackson James. Bischoff sends Anderson into the steel ring post and tosses Jackson James in. James counts the pinfall and Hardy gets a shoulder up after two. Bischoff heads to the back. Morgan picks up Hardy by his throat. Hardy with a kick to the gut and a Twist of Hate over the steel chair. Hardy hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

After the match, production does a close up of a “JEFF HARDY ROCKS” sign. The referee hands Jeff Hardy his title. We see a shot of Mr. Anderson laying on the outside covered in blood. He has lots of blood pouring out of the back of his head. Matt Morgan is still out recovering in the ring as Hardy celebrates up on the top turnbuckle. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see Anderson covered with blood as the PPV goes off the air with Hardy throwing his title over his shoulder.

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