Results courtesy of John Benoit and PWInsider:

TNA Impact spoilers for 12/16:

*Robert Roode pinned Chris Sabin with a spinebuster.

*Matt Morgan cut a promo saying that he had the chance to have a fat paycheck for the rest of his career from Ric Flair and Fortune and walked away from that to do the right thing and he knows he did the right thing. He said he’s scheduled to team with Mr. Anderson against Jeff Hardy and Kazarian tonight and now he can’t protect Anderson because it’s on him and he wants to know if Anderson is ready to return. Anderson comes out and says that he’s appreciative of everything Morgan did for him but he’s a big boy and wrestlers can take care of themselves. Morgan wants him to look him in the eye and tell him Anderson is good to go. Jeff Hardy comes out and asks them if they are trying to propose to each other. He asks Anderson if he is really sure Morgan isn’t still with Immortal and tells him to stop listening to the crowd and think for himself, like Jeff is doing. He tells them to be ready.

*Jay Lethal regained the X Division championship from Robbie E. During the match, Cookie tried to interfere so Christy Hemme came out and handcuffed herself to Cookie.

*Orlando Jordan and Eric Young defeated Generation Me. They did a comedy bit where Young thought it was a Battle Royal and started tossing people out of the ring.

*Tara and Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher to advance in the Knockouts Tag Team title tournament. Tara was clearly favoring her bad arm.

*Rob Van Dam pinned Rob Terry with the Five Star Frog Splash.

*Jeff Jarrett does his MMA Invitation and offers $100,000 to anyone who can make him tap. They pull one of the Los Ben Dejos tag guys out of the crowd and makes him tap.

*TNA champion Jeff Hardy & Kazarian defeated Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson. There was a referee bump and Rob Terry came out to shove Anderson off the ropes. Morgan knocked Terry off the apron but turned into the Twist of Hate and was pinned.

Impact 1/6/10:

*Immortal with Eric Bischoff, who noted it was three days before Genesis, brought out all of the current champions and told them they were all expected to have great matches at the PPV this Sunday. He tells X Division champion Jay Lethal that tonight he’ll be wrestling Abyss, that TV champion Douglas Williams will be wrestling Rob Terry and that Tag Team champions The Motor City Machineguns that they will face AJ Styles and Kazarian so they can prepare for their PPV bout. Immortal jumps the four of the them and Rob Van Dam hits the ring for the save. Van Dam says he’s tired of all the garbage and demands to know who he will face at the PPV.

*TNA Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns defeated AJ Styles & Kazarian. Beer Money laid out the champions after the match.


*Angelina Love defeated Sarita.

*Ink, Ink defeated Okada & Kiyoshi.