Results courtesy of John Benoit, Richard Trionfo and PWInsider:

Impact 1/6/11:

*Mick Foley comes out and says that he wants to make sure Mr. Anderson is OK and healthy for his match at the Genesis PPV. Mick said that when he was younger, he wishes he had someone who checked on him and asked him if he’s OK. Anderson said he is OK and didn’t like Foley doubting him. Matt Morgan came out and wants to wrestle Anderson tonight. TNA champion Jeff Hardy comes out and tells them they will be wrestling tonight in a tag team match against each other, teaming with partners he chooses.

New Year’s Eve Impact:

*Rob Van Dam pinned Robbie E. Hardy appears on the Titantron and announces Van Dam will have to defeat an opponent of his choosing at the Genesis before he gets a match against Hardy.

*AJ Styles and Rob Terry defeated British Invasion (Douglas Williams and Magnus). AJ pinned Magnus with Chaos Theory

*Kaz comes to the ring to talk about the bounty put on the champions at Genesis and how he will become the new X Division champion beating Jay Lethal. Frankie talks about Lethal’s family and rips apart the Lethal family. He says Lethal’s skanks screwed more brothers than Katrina did. He rips on Lethal’s mother, calling her “Fugly.” Lethal comes to the ring and Kazarian attacks him and leaves.

*Mick Foley joins Taz and Tenay at announce table.

*Mystery partner match: Matt Morgan and Brother Devon defeated Ken Anderson and Brother Ray. Morgan pinned Anderson after a discus clothesline to the back of the head. During the match, Gunner and Murphy go to the announce table and want Foley to leave. Foley attacks Gunner and Murphy and puts Mandible Claw on Gunner. Murphy hits Foley with a night stick and then they cuff Foley and take him to the back.

*Jeff Jarrett out for JJ MMA challenge. Two new rules. Opponent must be shorter than him and it is an exhibition so nobody gets hurt. He looks through crowd and challenges BooBoo Stewart from Twilight, but says he will eventually be taller than him so Stewart is disqualified. He picks a fan from the crowd and it is Jonathan Cruz (one of Los Ben Dejos). Jarrett makes Cruz tap but he does not release the ankle lock. Kurt Angle comes through the crowd and Jarrett leaves the ring. Angle wants to sign the contract but he vowed not to wrestle again, but since it is an exhibition, he signs the contract for an Exhibition at Genesis.

*Madison Rayne and Sarita (with Tara) defeated Mickie James and Velvet Sky. Sarita pinned Velvet.

*Douglas Williams defeated Rob Terry in a non Title match AJ Styles attacked williams on the floor to get the DQ. After double teaming Williams, Desmond Wolfe’s music plays and he comes to the ring with Magnus.

*Ray and Devon fight outside and they are separated by security. Eventually Ray attacks Devon and security. Ray says that they will settle things at Genesis.

*Jay Lethal defeated Abyss by disqualification. After the match, Frankie Kazarian comes and says that this was a warm up match for Genesis. He has Abyss pick up Jay so Frankie can shake his hand.

*Jeff Jarrett defeated Rob Van Dam. All of Jarrett’s entourage and referee Earl Hebner does nothing about it. Van Dam fights back and Hardy comes out and hits Twist of Fate on Van Dam and Jarrett gets the pin. After the match, Hardy attacks Van Dam and Morgan comes out (with his music playing) and attacks Jarrett and Hardy. Anderson stops Hardy from hitting Morgan with a chair. Anderson accidentally hits Morgan with the chair and then he leaves.


*Amazing Red defeated Kiyoshi and Max Buck with Code Red on Max.

*Beer Money defeated Orlando Jordan and Eric Young when Beer Money hit the DWI on Young.