TNA Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machineguns (c) vs. Beer Money

We start with Alex Shelley and Robert Roode. Roode drops Shelley working over his left leg. Shelley with a quick one leg kick to Roode. Tag to James Storm and Chris Sabin. The Guns double team Storm ending with a dropkick to the face and double kicks to Roode. Tag back to Shelley who works over Storm’s arm. Quick tag to Sabin who drops his body off Storm’s arm. Storm with a big right hand on Sabin. Sabin with a dropkick sending Storm off the ring apron to the outside. Shelley with a suicide dive on Storm and Sabin takes out Roode with a suicide dive as well. Shelley misses a double foot stomp and catches Storm with a shot to the gut that Taz said is full of beer. Roode with a big lariat on Shelley, Storm with a cover and gets a two count. Tag to Roode who works over Shelley in the corner. Tag to Storm who lands a big right on Shelley. Storm taunts Sabin including spitting at him as the referee holds back Sabin. Shelley with Sliced Bread on Storm off the corner. Roode pulls Sabin off the ring apron as Shelley extended his hand for a tag. Tag to Roode who stomps over the hand of Shelley. Tag to Storm who keeps Shelley grounded. We get a BEER…MONEY spot. Roode with a neckbreaker on Shelley for a two count. Quick tag to Storm. Storm chokes Shelley against the ropes. Roode catapults Shelley into Storm. Shelley with a forearm, kick to the head on Storm and drops Roode face first into the corner. Sabin dodges Roode pulling him off the ring apron once more and gets the hot tag. Sabin with a head scissors takedown on Roode. Sabin follows that up with a kick to the face. Sabin sets up Roode in the tree of woe and connects with his hesitation dropkick. Sabin with a superkick to Storm and suplexes him over Roode. Sabin dumps out Storm, kicks Roode and hits a snap huricanrana. Sabin has Shelley on his shoulders and is tossed into Roode hitting a spike DDT. Storm breaks up the cover. Sabin with a springboard clothesline on Roode and Shelley with a stomp off the top for a close two count. Storm is in and hits a backcracker on Shelley. Sabin with a kick to the head on Storm. Storm spits beer in the face of Sabin and Roode connects with a spinebuster for a close two count. Shelley with a baseball slide on Storm followed by a slingshot crossbody block. The Guns with double kicks to Roode in the corner. Sabin with a neckbreaker on Roode and Shelley with a crossbody. Cover…1…2…Storm pulls the referee out. Shelley with a crossbody block on Storm off the top turnbuckle. Sabin with a springboard DDT attempt, but Roode counters into a northern lights suplex with a bridge for a two count. Storm with a superkick on Shelley. Roode and Storm hit the DWI, cover…1…2…Sabin somehow kicks out. Roode and Storm can’t believe it. Shelley fights off a second DWI attempt. Sabin ends up hitting Shelley with a kick to the head in the corner by accident and Roode rolls him up for the win.

Winners and new TNA Tag Team Champions: Beer Money

After the match, Chris Sabin can’t believe it as Beer Money celebrate with the TNA Tag Team Championships. We then go to highlights of the match leading to the finish.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Brother Devon to get his thoughts on his match with Bully Ray up next. Devon said tonight he plans to prove what Ray said wasn’t true in that he carried him throughout their entire tag team career.

A video package runs highlighting the end of Team 3D and Bully Ray turning on Devon is shown.

* Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon is up next.