GENESIS: Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon

Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon

Before the match, Bully Ray backed up the entrance ramp and grabbed SoCal Val. Val slapped Ray and Devon runs up hitting him with some big shots. Devon grabs a water bottle and hits it over the forehead of Ray. Devon with some big right hand body shots. Devon grabs Ray’s leather vest and starts choking him with it. Devon with more right hands.

They enter the ring and the bell officially rings. Ray drops to his knees begging Devon. Devon blocks a low blow and hits some more right hands. Ray with a jumping clothesline for a two count. Devon with a Lou Thesz Press and more right hands. Devon with a big scoop slam. Ray bails out of the ring and Devon drops a forearm off the steel steps. Ray pushes Devon away and bails into the crowd. Devon tosses Ray shoulder first into the Impact Zone wall on the bleachers. Devon with more rights. A fan tosses a shoe at Devon and Devon hits Ray with it. Both return to the ring and Ray connects with a double axe handle as Devon gets in. Ray rakes the eyes of Devon. Devon catches Ray with an elbow, goes up top, jumps forward and Ray counters into a modified looking RKO. Devon with a huge spinebuster on Ray, hook of the leg and Ray gets a shoulder up. Ray puts Devon up on the top turnbuckle and connects with some huge chest chops. Ray then climbs up and executes a huge superplex on Devon. Ray grabs his chain and tries to hit Devon with it. Devon ducks it and gives Ray a high back body drop. Devon grabs the chain and cracks it over the back of Ray. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Bully Ray

After the match, Devon continues hitting Ray over the back with the chain. More TNA referees hit the ring and pull Devon away. The crowd in Orlando chants “LET THEM FIGHT.” Ray then goes after Devon diving past the referees. More TNA officials hit the ring to break them up. Ray breaks free again and low blow kicks Devon. Ray bails out and heads to the back. Taz described it as a “swift kick to the yam bag.”

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Jeff Jarrett getting thoughts on his “MMA Exhibition” with Kurt Angle tonight. Jarrett said to his knowledge Kurt Angle is not undefeated in his MMA career and hasn’t even had an MMA match. He said he is undefeated in MMA and the $100,000 he put up for grabs is proof. Jarrett said he will put that money on the line tonight in 3 rounds at 2 minutes each. He said he plans to “feel out” Angle tonight early on, adding to Christy that he is speaking MMA talk.

* Douglas Williams defending the TNA TV Championship against Abyss (replacing AJ Styles) is up next.

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