SPOILERS: TNA Impact tapings for January 20

Results courtesy of John Benoit and PWInsider.com:

Dark Match:

*Angelina Love pinned Divina Fly, a regular on the NYC independent scene. Fly was good on the mic. Crowd didn’t give them a chance and seemed disinterested.


*Rob Terry beat Eric Young.

*Ink, Inc. defeated Generation Me.

Impact for 1/20:

*Impact opens with Kurt Angle cutting a promo in the middle of the ring. Isn’t he retired again now?? He says he’s here to stop the rumors that Karen and Jeff Jarrett have spread about him and he says that he was a great father and husband. The crowd was behind him in a big way. He says that Karen can do this the easy way or the hard way and reminds her that he can reveal every skeleton in her closet. This brings out Jeff Jarrett who tries to attack Kurt but fails. Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair come out with security, who force Angle out of the ring.

*Mickie James won a Four Way, pinning TNA Knockout champ Madison Rayne with a rollup after a miscue. The match also featured Tara and Sarita. Rayne had words with Tara and Sarita after the match.

*Matt Morgan pinned Rob Terry in five seconds with the Carbon Footprint. This came after a long Flair promo. Abyss and Morgan battle. In the end Terry helps and Morgan is laid out.

*Backstage, AJ Styles is pumping up Kazarian for his match. Kaz leaves. Red lays out Styles and says in two weeks, they are coming and no one in Immortal will be safe.

*TNA X Division champion Kaz defeated Jay Lethal after using the ropes.

*Jeff and Karen Jarrett are heading out but we see that Kurt Angle has snuck back into the building.

*The Jarretts come to the ring and the fans are all over them, including a “sloppy seconds” chant. Kurt hits the ring and gives Jeff an Olympic Slam but Karen attacks him low from behind and Jeff lays him out. The Jarretts stand over Angle.

*Jeff Hardy, with a new entrance video, defeated Tommy Dreamer in a good match.

*Kurt Angle is in the back with a bat looking for the Jarretts.

*Backstage, AJ Styles and Ric Flair are talking. Flair is completely discounting the “They are coming” stuff and putting over that Immortal can’t be touched. He mentions Hulk Hogan will be back at Against All Odds. Styles is more serious but gets Iced by Flair and doesn’t look happy so they are teasing dissension. Angle shows up and tells Flair to make sure Jarrett shows up next week or Angle will go after Flair instead.

*Beer Money defeated TNA champion Ken Anderson and Rob Van Dam after Jeff Hardy distracts the referee, allowing Matt Hardy to hit the Twist of Hate on Van Dam.

The following was likely taped for another episode, but I’m not sure what week:

*Brian Kendrick was trying to show Bully Ray some yofa but it backfires and Kendrick is laid out.

*Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff are yelling at Jeff Jarrett, telling him to get his gear on.

*Brother Devon calls out Bully Ray to finish what they are started. Ray comes out but is hesitant so Kendrick shows up and throws him in the ring. They have a brawl and Devon has Ray beaten down but security breaks it up. That allows Ray to regroup. It all ends with Ray giving Devon a Conchairto.

*Kurt Angle comes to the ring and is waiting for Jeff Jarrett to come out. Jarrett is still getting his gear on as he comes out. Jarrett convinces Gunner and Murphy to go to the ring first and they go at it with Angle. Angle works them over but once they have the upper hand, Jarrett gets in the ring. Angle makes a comeback and starts choking Jeff. Karen runs out and begs Kurt to stop. That allows Immortal to hit the ring and destroy Angle. Abyss comes to the ring but is hit and collapses. Janice is stuck in his back and behind him is Red screaming that they are coming. Angle cleans house on the distracted Immortal.

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